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  1. Tonight I'm playing with Spoonful at Moriarty's Pub in Lansing starting at 9pm. Hope to see you there. We have Michael Smalley on bass, Will Rideoutt on guitar, and Geoff Ian Lewis on drums!
  2. The new Hammond XK5 at MusikMesse in Germany. I had the pleasure of playing it in Addison at Hammond HQ about two weeks ago. It is incredible. Can't wait to tell you more.
  3. You know what's weird? A Lansing music scene without Johnny Barrera in it. :(
  4. Birthday pie for the birthday girl, my beautiful wife.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hUhisi2FBuw
  6. At the Air Zoo with the kiddos.
  7. Some classic Colbert.
  8. Sleep? What is sleep? 6am flight back to Detroit + 4am taxi to the airport + 1:30am hang with friends = no sleep. But on the plus side, I ditched the hotel shuttle, which would've taken an hour, and grabbed a taxi, which took 30 minutes. I'm glad I did because by 5am (the time the shuttle would've arrived) the security checkpoint line stretched all the way to the other terminal. Sucks to be those folks.
  9. That moment when the back line company is all "What keyboard stand?!?" So you McGuyver that shit up tough!
  10. So my youngest daughter Scarlett bought me an Aladdin sheet music book from the book fair the other day. She presented it to me in my studio and she was so happy. Today she asked me to take it with me so I would think of her on my trip. She is the cutest thing ever.
  11. Heading to New Orleans later this evening to play with Big Apple Blues tomorrow. No joke.
  12. Sometimes it feels like its never enough.
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9uIEIelz_SM
  14. I liked a @YouTube video https://t.co/3E9uPeam90 Hammond TV Season 3 Jim Alfredson
  15. Amazon. Waterproof Kindle so I can read in the tub. What's so hard about that? C'mon. It's 2016.
  16. Heading to Chicago for a Top Secret mission at Hammond HQ tomorrow. :D
  17. My favorite Hitchcock film.

  18. My ├╝ber talented kiddos decorated Easter cookies this afternoon.