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  1. I recently went around every screw on the SK2 and tightened them. The same thing used to happen to my XK3. The screws would get loose over time. I actually lost almost all the bottom screws on one of my XK3's and didn't know it until I was setting up for a live radio broadcast and the XK3 was so flimsy from the lack of screws holding it together that it was wobbling around something awful.

    I would suggest carrying a small Philips head screwdriver and tightening the screws on the SK every four months or so.

  2. I never really announced it but I left after our touring season ended in Oct 2014. You may want to check with me if I'll be with her as the date approaches, though, as I've done some gigs with her this year as a fill-in, including an upcoming show in DC at the end of this month.

  3. I will be shutting down the forum today. I'm not sure what time but hopefully within the next few hours. I'm waiting on a reply from my hosting company. They are going to back-up and then convert the database to a new format that will supposedly run faster and stop the server from hanging. I've been getting status emails of processes that are getting stuck and must be restarted (most automatically) every night. This will hopefully solve that and everything will run a lot smoother.

    Just waiting to hear back from them regarding when they want to perform the conversion.

  4. Yep. It's that time again. The last funddrive ended in January and we raised just under $800. That's gotten us through to this month at $150 a month for the server.

    I'm looking into upgrading the storage of the server since we're almost maxed out (90% capacity). I'd love to get a faster server, too but my friend who was vice president of the hosting company retired last month and he's the one that got me the super buddy deal. The server we have right now should really be twice what we're paying.

    Anyway... Paypal to b3groover@hotmail.com

    If you want to send a check, please PM me for the address.


  5. It's interesting how the tone changes as the needle gets closer to the center. This happens with regular vinyl, too which is why band members used to fight for who got their songs at the beginning of the sides vs the end. :)

  6. We're heading back into the studio to begin recording our sixth album. I hope to have it released by mid to late fall (Oct/Nov). It will be released in multiple formats including direct mp3 / hi-res FLAC download, CD, and surround sound (Blu-Ray or DVD-Audio, haven't decided yet, but also 5.1 FLAC surround files).

    Yes, I'm tracking the Leslie in surround. It sounds great!

    You can help support the cause by ordering an organissimo T-shirt if you don't already have one.


  7. Yes, the expression pedal affects all tones coming from the organ. However, it does attenuate the higher frequencies faster (in relation to the travel of the pedal) than the lower frequencies. So depending on your registration, you can pull the volume back on the manuals moreso than on the pedals or lower notes on the manuals. It's not perfect but with enough forethought and practice, it can work to do what you want.

  8. Your best bet is really the SK2. Although maybe wait until Summer NAMM next month and see if Hammond debuts anything new. But the SK2 is the best lightweight two manual solution on the market. Even if you don't use the extra sounds, it's still a great value and the spacing between the manuals is perfect. I love mine.