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  1. Christmas Jazz

    I'm a big fan of Christmas music, and am looking to expand my collection of Christmas jazz. I would appreciate recommendations, especially for items currently in print. Here are a few things I either have or am looking to buy soon: Ella Fitzgerald - Ella Wishes You a Swinging Christmas Kenny Burrell - Have Yourself a Soulful Little Christmas Vince Guaraldi - Charlie Brown Christmas Jimmy Smith - Christmas Cookin' Ramsey Lewis - The Sound of Christmas What else is out there?
  2. I'm listening to Wayne Shorter's "Night Dreamer" right now, and a thought came to mind - a Wayne Shorter BN Mosaic would be freakin' awesome! Now that I think about it, there are a lot of artists, BN or otherwise, that really deserve this kind of treatment but that will probably never get it, just because so many of their albums have been put out in other formats or in other boxes. So, if you could have any artist's work put together in a Mosaic set, who would it be? Who would you have master the music? For me, I would have Malcom Addey do the mastering - his work on other Mosaics has been excellent. Some of my desired sets: - Complete Wayne Shorter Blue Note recordings - Complete Bobby Hutcherson Blue Note recordings (even the 70's stuff) - Complete Walt Dickerson 60's sessions (I've really been digging this guy lately) - Complete Booker Ervin Prestige Sessions (just because it would be nice to have it in a box) There are many others that I could list. Who are some of yours?
  3. b3-er, I just wanted to let you know that this function does not appear to be working right now. It was working like 10 minutes ago or something.
  4. 15 minutes to go on the auctions for the last of these box sets!
  5. Hey everybody, I've got a ton of box sets that I'd like to sell, and I thought I would bring them here to give you the first shot at them before going to eBay. The majority of them are in mint condition; if not, I've listed details as to why not. I haven't been very active on the board in recent years, so if you're not familiar with me and are worried about my trustworthiness, my eBay ID is slbrownhk. I have 100% positive feedback with over 200 transactions as a buyer and a seller, so buy with confidence. Payment via PayPal only--no exceptions. The prices below include insured shipping to a US address. I am happy to ship to foreign addresses at additional actual cost. Since international shipments cannot be insured, I will only do this at the buyer's risk. Please PM me if you're interested or if you have any questions. Thanks! MOSAICS 1. The Complete Peggy Lee & June Christy Capitol Transcription Sessions: discs 1-2 played once, discs 3-5 still sealed. $70 SOLD 2. The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Art Blakey's 1960 Jazz Messengers: Each disc played twice. $170 $150 SOLD 3. Buddy Rich Argo, Emarcy and Verve Small Group Sessions: Sealed. $120 $110 4. Oliver Nelson - The Argo, Verve and Impulse Big Band Studio Sessions: Sealed. $100 $90 SOLD 5. Anita O'Day - The Complete Verve/Clef Sessions: Each disc played twice. $130 SOLD 6. Dizzy Gillespie - The Verve/Philips Small Group Sessions. Sealed. $120 $110 7. Roy Eldridge - The Complete Verve Studio Sessions. Mint--opened but never played. $135 $125 SOLD 8. Count Basie - The Complete Clef/Verve Fifties Studio Recordings. Sealed. $135 $125 9. Duke Ellington - The Reprise Studio Recordings. Each disc played twice. $90 SOLD 10. Johnny Hodges - Complete Verve Small Group Sessions 1956-61. Each disc played twice. $145 $130 11. Tal Farlow - Complete Verve Sessions. Each disc played twice. The inside of the flip case for discs 1/2 cracked and is missing a piece of plastic. No effect on the discs or functionality. $80 $70 12. Kenton Presents Bob Cooper, Bill Holman & Frank Rosolino. Each disc played twice. $80. $70 SOLD 13. The Complete Illinois Jacquet Sessions 1945-50. Each disc played twice. Glossy paper on front cover of the box has a small crease in the upper lefthand corner. $100 $90 14. The Complete Blue Note Sam Rivers Sessions. Each disc played twice. $75 $70 SALE PENDING 15. The Complete Pacific Jazz Recordings of Gerald Wilson and His Orchestra. Each disc played twice. $100 $90 SALE PENDING 16. The Complete Blue Note Donald Byrd/Pepper Adams Studio Sessions. Each disc played twice. $95. $85 SOLD 17. The Complete Blue Note 1964-66 Jackie McLean Sessions. Box has a bit of minor shelf wear. Each disc played twice. $125. SOLD 18. The Complete Blue Note Andrew Hill Sessions 1963-66. Each disc played twice. One jewel case has some scratches on it, courtesy of the factory. $225 SOLD 19. The Complete Blue Note Recordings of Larry Young. Some minor shelf wear on the box and booklet, and bit heavier wear on the jewel cases. The tops of some CDs have marks, but the playing surfaces are in excellent condition, with very light scuffs/scratches only being visible on discs 2, 3, 4 (playback is not affected in any way). $275 $250 20. The Blue Note Stanley Turrentine Quintet/Sextet Studio Sessions. Each disc played twice. $65. SOLD 22. The Complete Capitol Live Recordings of George Shearing. Each disc played once. $150. $135 23. The Complete Verve Gerry Mulligan Concert Band Sessions. Each disc played once. $90. SOLD 24. The Complete Blue Note Lee Morgan Fifties Sessions. Each disc played once. $140. $125 SOLD 25. The Complete Blue Note Lou Donaldson Sessions 1957-60. Each disc played once. There are two 2" indentations on the front right edge of the box, and one 2" indentation on the front left side of the box (all courtesy of the factory). $75. SOLD 26. The Complete Blue Note Elvin Jones Sessions. Each disc played once. $200 $180 27. The Complete Roost Johnny Smith Small Group Sessions. Each disc played once. $115 $105 28. The Complete Roost Sonny Stitt Studio Sessions. Each disc played once. $130 $120 29. The Complete Blue Note Horace Parlan Sessions. Each disc played once. $115 SOLD 30. The Complete Blue Note Hank Mobley Fifties Sessions. Each disc played once. $90 $80 31. The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions 1963-67. Each disc played once. $140 $125 SOLD OTHER BOX SETS 32. Joe Henderson - The Milestone Years: Sealed. UPC is blackened out. No effect to discs or box condition. $50 $40 33. John Coltrane - The Prestige Recordings: Sealed. $125 $110 34. Miles Davis - Chronicle: The Complete Prestige Recordings 1951-1956. Each disc played once. $55 $45 SOLD 35. Bill Evans: The Complete Riverside Recordings. Mint condition--each disc played twice. Booklet appears to have shelf wear on the back, but it came this way and has never been read. $75 SOLD 36. Lee Morgan: Live at the Lighthouse. Each disc played once. $45. $35 SOLD 37. John Coltrane: The Heavyweight Champion - The Complete Atlantic Recordings. $50. $45 SOLD 38. Charles Mingus: The Complete Atlantic Recordings 1956-61. Each disc played once. $45. SOLD 39. Thelonious Monk: The Complete Riverside Recordings. Each disc played once. No box or large booklet, only the jewel cases and notes contained therein. Jewel cases show some signs of shelf wear. $60. $45 SOLD 40. Keith Jarrett: Mysteries - The Impulse Years 1975-76. Slipcase has a bit of minor shelf wear; everything else is in excellent condition. $75 $60 SOLD 41. Herbie Nichols: The Complete Blue Note Recordings. A tiny bit of shelf wear on the slipcase and a couple of jewel cases; discs have each been played once. $30. SOLD 42. Modern Jazz Quartet: The Complete Prestige & Pablo Recordings. Opened but never played. $40. $35 SOLD 43. The Complete Lionel Hampton Quartets and Quintets with Oscar Peterson on Verve. Each disc played twice. $45. $35 SOLD 44. The Complete Wes Montgomery Riverside Recordings. Each disc played once. $90. SALE PENDING
  6. Less than 24 hours to go on some great music and other goodies. Check it out!
  7. Hey everybody, I'm back with a new round of auctions. All the Mosaic and other jazz box sets I was selling privately, plus dozens of SACDs and other good stuff, have been listed on eBay. Check 'em out, and thanks:
  8. Thanks again to everyone who bought sets from me here. The sets that didn't sell by the deadline I set have now been listed on eBay, with reduced starting prices--could be a good chance to pick up a set or two on the cheap. Check it out: Good luck!
  9. From my own collection, every Verve Elite ever put out. Here's your chance to get 'em all or fill in a hole in your collection. Link: Thanks for looking!
  10. The Stitt went for $21.28. Not huge, but not terrible, either. Might be slightly above what I originally paid for it. Even I missed that golden age. By the time I became aware of and interested in VEEs, they must have been long gone from retail. I had to buy them all online, through auctions, etc. It took me forever to find them all.
  11. And the Collector's Disc went way cheap! Oh, they all sold, including Billy Bauer. Someone's a lucky man--I listen to this one more than any of the other titles. I love the opening track.
  12. Many thanks to all who bid, and congratulations to all the winners! The highest bid was for the Bellson CD--I never would have expected that. Schifrin was a close second, which I think everyone would have expected to be first.
  13. Less than a day to go. Thanks for looking!
  14. Hey everybody, I'm back from the dead with a host of auctions on eBay. I'm trying to dig myself out of the pit of crass music consumerism I created for myself over the past decade, so please view my auctions, take advantage of my lack of self-control and find yourself a deal: My auctions You can also search for my user ID on eBay: slbrownhk I have tons of stuff up right now, including SACDs, DADs, CDs, the Neil Young Archives on Blu-ray, a Total BitHead headphone amp and more. More stuff will be coming soon as well. I'll also have 20-30 Mosaic and Mosaic Select sets coming in the near future. Feel free to PM me if there's a specific set you're looking for and we can discuss possibilities. Feel free to PM me any questions. Enjoy!
  15. Less than a day to go. Thanks for looking!
  16. Yes, I do combined shipping at actual cost. Can be a pretty significant savings if you buy a lot of stuff!
  17. I believe that's all of them. I worked long and hard to find all those CDs, and while this might possibly be my favorite reissue series ever done, it was time to let them go. Now someone else can enjoy them...particularly that Dickerson date. That's my favorite of the bunch, hence my "vibes" handle. I am actually in the process of clearing everything out, and the reasons why probably deserve their own post. One of these days I may write them all down.
  18. If you have good eBay feedback, I will ship outside the US. Thanks for asking.
  19. I've just listed dozens more SACDs and other cool items. Check it out, and thanks:
  20. Last call before eBay!
  21. One day left on my current auctions. Check 'em out, and thanks!
  22. Up with a number of changes. These will go to eBay after Sunday, so get 'em while they're hot and cheap!
  23. I've just listed 100 more items: SACDs, Blu-rays, HD DVDs and more. Check it out: Thanks for looking, bidding and buying!
  24. Bump with a bunch of price reductions. These will go to eBay in a few days, so get 'em while they're cheap! Thanks to all for your interest thus far.
  25. A final bump before this week's auctions end. 2hrs 45min to go. Thanks for looking!