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  1. Hello Pim,

    Not sure you would be interested but as you probably noticed my posting of CDs for sale,  I am helping a friend sell off a massive collection.  Right now I am focusing on major label and artists.  I have lots of rare European stuff and honestly there is too much for me too randomly go through.  I usually am selling in the State due to the expense to ship overseas but if you are buying from Japan you are probably used to the shipping  charges.  If you want to send me a wish list,  I would be gald to look here and we can work on the prices.   Right now, I have jazz artists for letters A to D and M thru P.  Also have several hundred titles that he pulled as 'premium' titles. Many artists whose names I know and many, many more I've never heard of.  

    thanks and hope things are good in the lowlands!  we were there for a tulips and windmills river cruise (Antwerp to Amsterdam) last spring and hope to get back someday.  Picked up some vinyl while I was there too!!

    Be well