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  1. Oh yes that’s a great recording. One of the more underexposed recordings by Shaw.
  2. with Roland Alexander, Charles Tolliver, Stanley Cowell and Andrew Cyrille.
  3. Very, very cool! Congrats on bringing this out.
  4. Looking forward to all of them. Ali is really one my favorite drummers. The last two records where I was pleasantly surprised by his company were Marion Browns Why Not and Jackie McLeans ‘Bout Soul. He always bring a certain energy to the music en even when he’s all over the place the structure and rhythm remains there.
  5. this one is so incredibly good. You could easily picked it up from a used bin for 10 euros. I did anyway.
  6. Such a great record. Hope it could be of help on your Waldron quest! I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy that Blood and Guts recording. It has the same energy as Number Nineteen.
  7. Oh yes my mistake. I always mix those two up. They are both excellent bass players by the way.
  8. another excellent one from these series. With Junior Cook on tenor sax, Woody Shaw on piano, Ronnie Matthews on piano, Stafford James on bass and of course Louis on drums.
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