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  1. Great stuff indeed. The energy it contains is mindblowing.
  2. the new Craft reissue. No shiny cover this time. I’m more impressed with the sound of this one than I was with Workin’. Sounds amazing. Ruby, My Dear 🥰
  3. I just counted and have more than I thought. I’ve got 19 of them. They all sound great and I’ve got zero issues with them. I only buy the personal must haves and skip if I already have a vinyl copy as I am not in a financial position to buy multiple versions (and don’t see the point of it as well). The fun thing with the TP is that Joe Harley also selects some more obscure stuff that should have wider recognition. The Carmell Jones is a recent example of that.
  4. Just listened again trough Spotify and this remains a special one to me. It’s pretty unique in its sound, not really comparable to something else I know. The sound of Superior Viaducts Nation Time is great. I’ll get this.
  5. https://www.superiorviaduct.com/collections/upcoming apparently there’s a vinyl reissue upcoming
  6. Excellent Japanese cd reissue that sounds a ton better than the awful Fuel 2000 version. Overlooked solo Mal gem if you ask me.
  7. Great live recording from the German jazz scene including Mal Waldron on piano. But have to say that both Roman Schwaller and Rocky Knauer also stand out. For those interested, I reviewed it on my Mal blog: https://snake-out.blogspot.com/2021/05/1979-klaus-weiss-quintet-on-tour.html?
  8. Mmmm ok. It’s not on Spotify is it? Otherwise I could have given it a digital spin. edit: I now see it is. I’ll add it to my playlist
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