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  1. Never heard of him either. You might want to try and contact the drummer of the album? I found a mail address on his partly defunct website: David.barry079@btinternet.com http://www.davebarry.co.uk
  2. was long waiting for a decent reissue. Very happy with this one
  3. Not the most popular Pharoah record I believe but it’s a favorite of mine.
  4. Pim

    Kip Hanrahan

    That’s an amazing record
  5. Haha the language barrier! Love that. Sometimes it’s hard for us non-native Englishmen to understand what people are talking about 😉 Now if @HutchFan actually wrote a book about his favorite albums I’d buy it in a heartbeat. For now his blogs will do
  6. It’s really a shame that Chad leaves the full Impulse! catalogue untouched for the fact that he’s not into the more adventurous kind of jazz. The new list struck me with absolute boredom.
  7. Yeah that definitely works out great. I thought he was his younger. Never liked his playing. Sounds like a Eric Dolphy copycat to me. Anyway, what I like about the extra stuff on Africa/Brass is that every extra song and take is so much worth it. It should have been released all in once, at least with The Damned Don’t Cry and The Song of the Underground Railroad.
  8. For me they have always belonged to my favorite Coltrane records. But there’s a lot of records by Trane that I count among my favorites. I fell in love with both of these the first time that I heard them. I remember the title song of Ole made a huge and lasting impression on me with that eastern influenced modal feel.
  9. I never thought about the common name. Thanks for making me aware of it
  10. The Mal is a definite buy for me. The Cannonballs maybe. That was a great period with great bands. The 1972 contains some of the Black Messiah material without the annoying singer/guitar player. Definitely interested. Also in doubt about the Art Tatum box. Like Chuck also mentioned: I do have a lot Tatum and not sure these will anything really new. Sampling first.
  11. Yeah that’s an excellent record. Mal toured with Andrew Cyrille (and Workman) quite a few times but the only official record with both is the Soul Eyes album from 1997. Plus the one you mentioned of course. Check out minute 8:38, always makes me smile: This whole documentary by Tom Overberghe is lovely by the way but has been mentioned quiet a few times here of course.
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