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  1. Well I got around 20 of the Tone Poets and 12 Classics and never had an issue. But since I am reading the Hoffman board I am seriously thinking my hearing isn't working properly.
  2. Still waiting for you commentary on that Waldron album I LOVE Crowd Scene. It got the full 5 stars on my blog but so did Seagulls and What It Is got 4,5. All great albums and I could see why it was difficult making a choice. Both Ricky Ford and Sonny Fortune are on fire on Crowd Scene. The whole band is. I think youre right about the '70's and 80's being his most productive years. But there was still some very joyful stuff to come (the Tutu's, the duets with Lacy, Shepp and Murray for example). Hope you'll be able to pen some things down fast on the Soul Note album Also saw a very nice Billy Harper selection last week by Dan: Destiny is Yours... 😍
  3. The Tone Poets have a thread but these series not (yet). Now they do. So the new list was presented this week and I can't say I'm very happy with it.... Some nice records but not the ones I hoped for. January 20, 2023 – The 70s Grant Green – Green Is Beautiful (1970) Bobby Hutcherson – San Francisco (1970) February 17, 2023 – Hard Bop Jackie McLean – Bluesnik (1961) Horace Parlan – Speakin’ My Piece (1960) March 17, 2023 – Post-Bop Herbie Hancock – Empyrean Isles (1964) Sam Rivers – Fuchsia Swing Song (1964) April 21, 2023 – Hidden Gems Dizzy Reece – Star Bright (1959) Johnny Coles – Little Johnny C (1963) May 19, 2023 – Bebop Miles Davis – Volume 1 BLP 1501 (1952-53) Fats Navarro – The Fabulous Fats Navarro, Vol. 1 BLP 1531 (1947-49) June 16, 2023 – The Rebirth Robert Glasper – In My Element (2006)* Madlib – Shades of Blue (2003)* July 21, 2023 – Soul Jazz Ike Quebec – Heavy Soul (1961) Lonnie Smith – Turning Point (1969) August 18, 2023 – The Avant-Garde Anthony Williams – Spring (1965) Cecil Taylor – Unit Structures (1966) I will definitely pick up the Hancock and the Cecil Taylor. I may be picking up the Lonnie Smith, the Sam Rivers, Horace Parlan, McLean and the Hutch. The rest is not interest to me and the Anthony Williams I already have. I really hoped for Lee Morgan's Gigolo and Search for the New Land. Plus Jackie McLean's Let Freedom Ring or Right Now. On the other hand: the list only goes to august.... So now I am here again doubting if I have to buy an expensive Japanese reissue or just be patient and wait a little longer....
  4. Rainbo pressing…. Doesn’t sound bad but this one deserves a proper reissue.
  5. Forgive me my ignorance on Bill Barron but I’ve always thought he was more an inside than ‘outside’ player. Very curious to hear him play with Taylor so added it to my Spotify list. Also time to dive into Bill Barrons discography.
  6. Excellent recording by an excellent trumpeter! I also enjoy A Part with Reggie Workman and Love Nature a lot. I long overlooked the whole Japanese jazz scene.
  7. If I would have known that Pure Pleasure was to release it as well I would have bought that copy. This one sounds okay by the way. Flat and silent.
  8. Like Soulpope said: Little Reds Fantasy on Muse records. ‘70’s recording and that was one hell of a decade in Shaws legacy. Highly recommend. The 32Jazz albumcovers were awful but have to say most of the Muse originals weren’t a thing of beauty either. LMO and MJQ are both groups I would have loved to see live. Very different kind of music but I like them both. And yeah Grif + Wes is a fantastic combo. They really sound like some very, very cool jazzcats.
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