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  1. Picked up the newest Martino today with Bianchi, and have the new Dr. Smith on preorder. Any others to grab ? Cheers and Happy Holidays/Merry Christmas.
  2. FYI Jim or someone... https://www.allmusic.com/artist/organissimo-mn0000328291/discography
  3. Any Good Newish Hammond Jazz albums ?

    Thx for the suggestions so far, please keep them coming!! Jim recommended the Newest Joey .D and he was right. His solo is Change is Gonna Come is awesome!
  4. Any Good Newish Hammond Jazz albums ?

    Got em all bro, including signed copies.
  5. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Jim needs to check into his own message board. On tour or not. I'm sure he has a phone that he can log in with ?
  6. There 1 & 2 listed on google respectively so someone is. I use allmusic less since the advertising went up myself.
  7. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Yes, if you paid for the bonus material option you should of got a email notice form pledgemusic with download links early this month. I would check your spam folder perhaps or contact Jim.
  8. Thought it was about time ...
  9. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Downloaded the Live At The SpeakEZ bonus tracks, sounds real good. Thanks Jim
  10. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Sweet Jim! I was hoping Yoko didn't knock at your door with a cease-and-desist : )
  11. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    Really enjoying the new album Jim. Thanks for the signed copies. My mentor said he will be emailing you a note.
  12. Is the Masters Of American Music - The World According To John Coltrane generally still the best Coltrane dvd content out ? Is there a good dedicated biography or documentary dvd out there ? Thank you.
  13. Coltrane On DVD ? NEW Doc April 14th

    Just found out there is a new Coltrane documentary coming out April 14th. http://shadowandact.com/2017/03/13/comprehensive-chasing-trane-the-john-coltrane-documentary-will-open-april-14-watch-a-rousing-clip/
  14. Bill Heid

    Glad to hear about the new recording coming out this year and his affiliation with Jim. I am a great admirer of Mr. Heid's work.
  15. 2005 Holiday Tunes for you!

    Got these a little late this year but still enjoying them and added them to the old ones as well, great job.
  16. NEW CD now available for pre-oder

    I will be looking forward in anticipation to next month Jim to the new album & Bonus material. I adore Booker T's McLemore Avenue on Stax so it'll be great to have another CD full of Beatles material done with B3. Thank you also for the new Christmas tunes they came a little after the holiday for me but I enjoyed adding them to the others you've done in the past. All the best, James