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  1. 16 hours ago, John Tapscott said:



    49 minutes ago, Gheorghe said:

    Swedish schnapps is probably the best Charlie Parker on Verve, since it´s a session of vintage Bird with the finest fellow musicians, and without Norman Granz behind them adding a "Tommy Turk" to a Charlie Parker Quintet or adding Buddy Rich to a Bird-Diz-Monk-Session. 
    Okay, the album "Now ´s the Time" from 1953 is also very fine.....


    39 minutes ago, BillF said:



    10 hours ago, Rabshakeh said:

    Zoot Sims And His Orchestra – New Beat Bossa Nova Means The Samba Swings (Colpix, 1962)




  2. 12 hours ago, jazzbo said:

    I think it includes all these below, as well as 4 tracks with the Red Norvo Trio on Decca.

    The Tal Farlow Album

    Tal Farlow Plays The Music Of Harold Arlen 

    The Guitar Artistry Of Tal Farlow

    This Is Tal Farlow

    The Swinging Guitar Of Tal Farlow


    The Interpretations Of Tal Farlow

    A Recital By Tal Farlow

    These are all here on vinyl (and more)

    Farlow,Tal   Autumn in New York        1954/11        Verve 8184 (Not in the Mosaix box)


    Farlow,Tal   This is Tal Farlow  1958/06       Verve 8289


    Farlow,Tal   ...plays the music of Harold Arlen       1959  Verve 8371


    Farlow,Tal   All Strings Attached       1987  Verve 841 291-2 ( CD Compilation with Red Norvo)


    Farlow,Tal   TAL   1956  Verve(jap)   2565


    Farlow,Tal   The swinging guitar of...  1956  Verve(jap)   2504


    Farlow,Tal   The guitar artisty of...    1959  Verve(jap)   2588


    Farlow,Tal   The Tal Farlow Album     1954-55       Verve(jap) DSM          2584


    Farlow,Tal   A recital by...         1955  Verve(jap) DSM     2586


    Farlow,Tal   The Interpretations of Tal Farlow      1955  Verve(jap) DSM          2542



  3. 3 hours ago, porcy62 said:

    Thanks for the detailed reply.

    As I see I missed the the first 3 and have the rest on vinyls.

    45 minutes ago, Chuck Nessa said:

    All of those tracks are included in



  4. 20 hours ago, HutchFan said:



    The Singers Unlimited - Masterpieces (MPS, rec. 1971-1980)
    I've never been able to get much of a foothold on this group.  But I'm giving it another go with this compilation.


    Have it beside the  MPS box with all their recordings. Love this group - one of the best among jazz vocal groups bedide the Freshmen, Hi-Lo's and Manhattan Transfer. Gene Puerlimngs arrangments are great.

  5. On 10.5.2022 at 8:42 AM, Gheorghe said:

    Re: Charlie Ventura early concerts

    Yes, that´s it. In books about jazz in the 40´s like Ira Gitler´s book and others, the "Bop for the people" wasn´t mentioned very much. See, for dudes from Europe who were born after the 40´s , we didn´t know very much about groups that may have had a short time fame, but nevertheless the "Bop for the People" is something I had heard about. And that tune "High on an Open Mike" was for eternity through the 1947 "Saturday Night Jazz Session" which we all bought in the 70´s mostly for the participation of Fats Navarro. 
    I remember my English was very weak and depended on my understanding of the liner notes. But the title "High on an Open Mike" was ununderstandable for me then. "Mike" was the english name for "Mihail" or "Michael" how I knew it and I translated it in "Hoch auf einem offenen Michael" (I think only Google-Translate can do worse:lol:), but it is an interesting Ventura original with some "swing to bop" elements. The A part is based on "If I had You" and the bridge is a descending chord thing, very very nice to play really......
    Benny Green is really cool, but I think on that WNEW Saturday Night stuff it was Bill Harris on tb, who sounds more old fashioned for our understanding, a bit more Dixieland style if I´m right. 

    Returning to our last discussions you did mention Bill Harris in the last sentence.

    Here is another one with Bill Harris on a Columbia (UK edition) from a 1947, April 5 event. As it looks this is a compilation of 2 different parts  featuring also Mary Lou Williams (p)  and Majorie Hyams (vibes)  on two tracks.




    Now spinning

    18 hours ago, porcy62 said:


    This one and the other one shown above  are great because the piano of Eddie Costa is really "something" with a great rhythmic playing in the  deeper piano  registers.

    I am a great Tal Farlow fan and would say these two are among his best.


  6. 1 hour ago, sidewinder said:


    Excellent 4CD set brought out back in the day by Fantasy. Covers the whole gamut from Lighthouse All Stars to Woody Shaw. Nice booklet with session photos and memories of John Koenig too.

    Superb sound on this set too but no surprise given the source of the recordings.

    Yes Roy DuNann is an excellent engineer.

    Have another great CD box by Fantasy




  7. 3 hours ago, JSngry said:

    Did Buddy Collette have a Kindle that soon before the rest of us?

    Dont know but as a West Coast Jazz collector I liked his music and Contemporary is one of my favorite labels.

    Missed "A nice day" however and have to look it up at Discogs.

  8. 5 hours ago, John Tapscott said:

    Re: TALT BB

    So there is a Newport 2! I've never seen that one anywhere until now. I have the Big Apple set and knew that there was supposed to be a second set, but I figured it was never released.  This TALT band which recorded for RCA was their best, IMHO. I never found the subsequent recordings to be quite as compelling  (with the exception of the brilliant "Farewell to Mingus" session).


    Hi John,

    Have some more from that  big band. Here are the cover scans (includes some with TA only)

    a) on vinyls





    b ) On CD's