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  1. 2 hours ago, HutchFan said:

    I'd be more interested if these initial five releases weren't compilations. 

    Then again, many of us are probably not their target demographic. If these reissues pull in some newbies, that's a good thing, I suppose.


    Just my thoughts as Contemporary collector.

    The first Issues look like a big mix of tracks from different original   not always matching together LPs means all are a bunch of compilations which is NOT the original Contemporary line.

    To get 2 missing tracks I probably  wont invest in such an compilation.


  2. 18 hours ago, Teasing the Korean said:

    My point is that Stephen Sondheim's yardstick for "good" Broadway lyrics would not have really applied in the 1920s, 30s, or early 40s, because Broadway was more or less a laboratory for creating pop songs at that time, and little more. The idea of Broadway lyrics deeply driven by plot or character came more into vogue in the Rodgers and Hammerstein era. 




    Here is a recording from an event which is probably not known among most  members here and lovers of good music and lyrics.

    The concert was transmitted in Germany via radio and TV  around 2000

    Have made my own  copy for private use but would like to share the Information. The music  is simply great and the  Helen does a superbe job.






  3. 9 hours ago, Gheorghe said:

    You are welcome, I´m glad that I can amuse you with my confusing Billy and Cecil. Well during that time I already knew the key figures of jazz and already had a considerable LP collections mostly with many albums from my favourites like Bird,Diz,Miles, Mingus, Monk, Rollins,  Trane, Ornette Coleman, and of course other artists from bop to free, like Fats Navarro, Bud, Kenny Dorham, Johnny Griffin, Hank Mobley, Freddie Hubbard, Wayne Shorter, Pharoah Sanders, Sun Ra, but still didn´t have a Cecil Taylor album and somehow when I picked it up (since the dealer told me it has some Bud I still might not have) I only had a glance at the names, Art Tatum of course, Erroll Garner well yeah some easier listening, Bud of course, and I had thought the next logic step might be after swing , bop , hardbop, so it might be Free. 
    Billy Taylor was not very much mentioned in jazz books of my generation (J.E.Behrend, Arrigo Pollilo), so I hadn´t heard of him, since he is not so much present on the recordings of those days (BN, Prestige, CBS, Impulse). 

    I later got to know him mostly as a Music Expert and speechman of the music, often commenting on jazz documentaries. 

    So I remember when first listenig to the Echoes of an Era , when it came to Side D I closed my eyes to prepare myself for maybe heavier approach of Free Forms and atonal passages on piano and was a bit puzzled when I heard that more traditional setting, nicely played but not as daring as Bud and Monk would have been at that time.....

    14 hours ago, Gheorghe said:


    Thanks again for  your story. I  do like the "!harmonic" jazz mostly with some weight on big bands when I can follow the melody and/ or Improvisaion.

    Those free jazz athletes are not my cup of tea. But  the tastes are different and music should relax me what will not happen with these atonal efforts of the artists. If they think they have to do it that way it is and remains  their own business. I am a listener. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Gheorghe said:

    I remember those 2-LP sets titled "Echos of an Era". Side One and Side Three was also on a Parker Sampler called "Jazz Tracks" by Bellaphone. 
    I also had the "Echos of an Era" with Art Tatum, Erroll Garner, Bud Powell and Billy Taylor. 
    When I bought it I was just a beginner and thought it might be chronological, I mean from swing to modern. I had confused Billy Taylor with Cecil Taylor and thought, that after side three (Bud Powell), there might be some advanced stuff and was quite disapointed when I heard some nice, but not very modern piano style.....

    Thanks for your story. Confusing Billy with Cecil is quite amusing!

    Have several of those 2 LP sets.

    Here is a little tableau



  5. 19 hours ago, John Tapscott said:

    See the source image

    Sorry it came out like this, but it's the only one I can find. As you can see, 8 additional tracks. It is a great release. 

    Thank you John, it is worth to search for the CD.

    I am uncertain whether it is avaiable here in Germany / Europe.

    Anyway would like to get a copy for these missing 8 tracks.


    PS:  via DISCOGS 1 copy is available  for € 33,00 incl. postage 15 €) . Thats too much.

    Have to find another source