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  1. Verve MV 2651 St (Japan 1979/09) - Sammy Davis ● Count Basie " Our Shining Hour" - rec. 1964
  2. Yes there was a hype also here. Growing out and standing out of Coltranes 4 his percussive piano style was something new. 👍 😁 👍 😁 😁 💗 👍
  3. 😁 👍 Like it & have some on Muse . Pat is a fine guitar player
  4. 😁 💗 Love it. Have a vinyl LP only.
  5. Probably only known to german jazzfans was a series "Jazz & Lyrik" from the mid 1990s I seem to remember. Never bought one Item.
  6. After I discovered that JASMIN from the UK issues CD-R's instead of normal CD's for reissues I have stopped buying from them. I discovered that when I had ordered an Art Van Damme reissue.
  7. From my Lords I found these Informations Hope it helps Harold Ousley [O2184-15] The Kid !: Harold Ousley (ts) Neal Creque (p,el-p,org) Bob Rose (g) Jay Leonhart (el-b) Jim Young (d) Danny Barrajanos (perc) Ralph Dorsey (cga) New York, March 28, 1972 The kid Cobblestone CST9017, Muse MR5107 Forget it, I've got it - MR5141 Me and Bobby McGee - MR5107 The prodigal son - MR4141 Come Sunday - One for the masses - , Muse MR5141 Note: Muse MR5107 titled "The people's groove"; see flwg sessions for more titles. Muse MR5141 titled "Sweet double hipness"; see flwg sessions for more titles. Harold Ousley [O2185-15] The People's Groove: Gary Chandler (tp) Harold Ousley (ts) Nat Stokes (g) Ray McKinney (b) Al Dreares (d) New York, mid 1970's The people's groove Muse MR5107 Harold Ousley [O2186-15] Harold Ousley (ts) Bobby Forrester (org) Nat Stokes (g-1) Steve Butler (d) Steven Kroon (perc-1) Ralph Dorsey (cga-1) Edna Holt (vcl-1) New York, mid 1970's Little virgo (1) Muse MR5107 Why did I choose you ? - Harold Ousley [O2187-15] Harold Ousley (ts) Norman Simmons (p) Victor Sproles (b) Steve Butler (d) Ralph Dorsey (cga) Holly Hamilton, Edna Holt (vcl) New York, mid 1970's Positivity Muse MR5107 El exi-hente -
  8. Verve MV 2607 Japan 1977 - Oscar Peterson Trio " On The Town" - rec. 1958
  9. 👍💗 A very good one by the late Bill Holman
  10. Can only recommend Lord's discography for research. Have it for many years. The Investment has payed out for me.
  11. 👍 💗 😁 Have the Item (as Billy Harper fan) just in my hand ready to play.
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