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  1. Name Three People...

    Saint Thomas Tom Schuman Tom Browne
  2. Fender Rhodes corner

    Not to distract from the topic at hand, but all this talk about the Fender Rhodes has me thinking about Richard Tee. Do we have any Tee fans out there? He was a master of the Rhodes.
  3. Name Three People...

    Dustin Hoffman Abbie Hoffman Abbe Lane Lane Bryant Bryant Gumbel Greg Gumbel
  4. Name Three People...

    Hilario Jose Mourinho God Stanley Crouch Andrae Crouch Andy Simpkins MG O.J. Simpson (I's a stretch and he's not a musician) K.D. Lang T.S. Monk
  5. LPs that have never made it into CD

    Ahh...yes... My list is long, but being the huge Billy Cobham fan that I am, I don't know why the fine folks who own the rights to "Observations & Reflections" c. 1982 and "Smokin" c.1983. can't release these on CD. Both were released under the Elektra/Musician label and they feature excellent solo work from Billy as well as Dean Brown on guitar. I've tried burning them, but it's just not the same. If anyone knows these are available, please email me!
  6. I also like to think that my family and friends consider me charmingly eccentric, rather than hopelessly out of touch with current ways of financial bobbing and weaving. I had completely forgotten that mortgage interest is deductable in the U.S. It isn't deductable here in Canada. So, here I would be giving a gift of several thousand dollars to my lender in exchange for their lending me the money to buy my house. Few actually calculate what they will be paying for their house at the end of the lending period, twenty or thirty years from the initial down payment. The rationale of course to having a mortgage, as opposed to renting or leasing is that equity is built up, which isn't true if one rents or leases. But, because few, if any prospective home-owners have to come up with the total cost of a house, they wouldn't be able to ever own their own home. So, there's that, coupled with your mortgage interest being deductable which puts the cost of owning a home, if one can come up with the down payment, desireable. Most people decide whether or not they will pay the price of a home on the market, not by looking at the asking price, but at the monthy payments. The so-called value of the actual house is often hugely inflated because it can be. Chances are that they don't really own their home until the end of the mortgage, twenty or thirty years from now. But, they rationalize, they would be paying someone either way and at least if they have a mortgage, they are also building up equity, which will help them move up to a larger house and a larger mortgage. BTW, it seems to me that from to time there is talk of discontinuing the deduction for mortgage interest. But, that deduction is so entrenched that it would be a bold Federal Goverment which would even consider it. You do have a definite advantage there. The mortgage interest deduction is enormously expensive from a tax collection standpoint and I'm sure that your government has wished, more than once, they could snatch it away. But, all that is the accepted way these days, though I still think that Tiger could have paid cash. You're going to be paying somebody at some time, so most think that the equity they build up if they have a mortgage is worth it. Go Tiger....With eleven majors as of today, his quest to top Jack Nicklaus's record is becoming more and more a reality every time he plays!!!