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  1. WKRC tribute till 9pm today Joey lived up in Scottsdale Az I had some brief convos on faceback with him I was always telling him to come back down to Tucson
  2. Yes Godfather 🎹 🎹
  3. Joey / Benson / Miller ❤️
  4. Rest Easy Joey D Thanks for the music and memories ❤️😢😢😢😢😢😢
  5. I'm going to get tested on Wednesday around 1 My sister is concerned for me A close married couple I know tested positive
  6. this scene could be today follow the rules if you want service
  7. He had a great run Meathead just turned 73YO Rest Easy Sir
  8. Able to get another copy of this 😍 this cd
  9. Made short ribs for the first time 4 hours on the grill
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