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  1. hammond film

    Nice avatar... I used that album's cover as an inspiration for a web design I did a few years ago. Good stuff!
  2. Refinishing a Hammie

    I definitely intended on replacing every piece of felt in the whole thing. It has definitely seen enough liquid intrusion to warrant that. Anybody know where I can pick up a fresh piece for the top of the TWG? And thanks for the advice about cleaning the keys. I just wanted to be sure I could use a chemical on them and that a typical household cleaner wasn't going to eat or discolor them. I'll keep you guys posted on the progress. Hoping to have the case completed by winter. I nede to get a digital camera...
  3. Anybody know where's some Leslie footage on-line??

    Wassup wit dat? You tryin' to steal my thunder?? Too funny that you found that today as well. Hey all you Hammond players... get some more vids on YouTube, will ya? I need something to occupy my time at work!
  4. Anybody know where's some Leslie footage on-line??

    At 2:59 into this video, there is a close-up of the horn spinning and slowing. Pretty cool stuff, and not a bad video, to boot! {Edit... ok, well... poo. I can't embed video on this forum. In that case, here is the video on YouTube of The Big Organ Trio.}
  5. Refinishing a Hammie

    I've just removed all the keys from the "actuating levers" or whatever you might call them. How do you clean the keys? The white ones look like they may actually have some discoloration... any fix for this? Has anyone refinished the metal inside their organ? How? I have quite a bit of oxidation on all of the metal... these levers are covered in it. I've seen pictures of Hammonds whose metal has been refinished to like-new condition. Any guesses how they got that there? The felt blocks on all the levers are almost brittle they are so hard. Does anyone make replacements or is there a source for felt that thick? I know... lots of questions, but there will be more. Plenty more. I intend to finish up this C right. Thanks in advance for any help you toss my way!
  6. Refinishing a Hammie

    Sounds good. The organ is in my 2nd floor apartment, so it would be good not to stink up the whole place during a refinishing project. It is in its own room with plenty of ventilation, so that helps even more. I'll keep my eyes open for the stuff you mention. Sweet... would love to see them! Well... before I started degutting, not too bad. Some notes were missing a connection with one or more contacts, and one drawbar lead was detached. The vibrato had some motorboating. Once it was lubed up properly, it did not make any strange noises. The amp seems fine, as well. All of the wiring is... well... disgusting. There hadn't been a back panel on the organ for quite some time, apparently, and this organ was in a very dirty old space dowtown. Some of the wiring has also degraded... not sure if that was because the rear of the organ was exposed to frequent sunlight or just plain age and neglect. So... being the enthusiastic (some might call it crazy) person I am, I think I will be replacing much of the wiring. I am very comfortable with electrics/electronics. I was in that line of work when I was in the Navy, and I have always had a tinkerer's heart, so it really doesn't scare me too much. The organ is basically completely disassembled... all of the electrics have been removed, save for the Leslie switch and the lines running up from the foot pedals. One of the manuals has been stripped of it's keys and most of its paneling. If I remove any more parts, I'll be entering into dangerous territory with all of the super fine wires, and I am just not going to go there. I would like to get all the contacts and busbars clean, so if I can do that without playing with the fine wiring too much, then great. Also, I need to figure out what to do about all of the metal corrosion. There is much surface corrosion throughout the organ, but naturally most of it is on the manuals. I'm thinking I'm not going to play with the TWG too much. Way too many things for me to screw up there, I think. Normally I have no fear when it comes to disassembly projects, but man... SOO many moving parts to mismatch! I see pictures of refurbished TWG's, and they look fresh from the factory, which would be awful nice. So... not sure what I'll do there. I know that there are a few electrical changes I need to make, such as adding the Goff percussion and reverb kits, recapping the TWG and amp, and adding a fuse to the amp to protect the transformer. So... there you go. I will hopefully be getting a site up some time documenting my progress. I just finished taking all of the keys off the levers from the upper manual... the word of the day is definitely "corroded."
  7. Refinishing a Hammie

    Two Decembers ago I bought a C2 for $152... a total steal for a working C. It has been gigged extensively, though, and the case shows it. The whole thing shows it, really. But I enjoy a good challenge. I intend to make this beast look as factory fresh as I can without going too overboard. (I don't mind going overboard... it is too overboard that concerns me ) So... the case. It is the walnut finish, and has definitely taken a beating. Parts of the laminate are missing from the front (where it would strike door jambs), the laminate next to the manuals has had various asundry liquids spilled upon it, there are various dings and dents all over. Also, I am missing trim pieces from the front bottom and the entire back. So where do I start, right? Right now I am weighing two choices... to refinish in its natural color, fixing the veneer, missing pieces, etc., or just making it as smooth as I can get it and giving it a satin black finish. Piano black wouldn't be bad, either, but that would take a LOT of work to make sure that the surface was perfectly smooth. If I refinish, I will need to strip the wood of its current finish. I came across the Minwax refinisher product that does this. Any recommendations in that department? Has anyone done a rehab similar to this? What were your methods. I am pretty handy with wood and have most of the tools necessary to accomplish a job like this, save for a big table saw. Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated. {Edited because I am at work and posted without proof-reading... shame on me...}