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  1. Not jazz, but I had a dream just last night that Keith Richards(!?) and I were trying to make a mushroom risotto. It started with both of us sifting thru dozens of different risotto recipes online, trying to pick one — and then we tried to make the best one (or some combo of several different recipes). And now. reflecting back on the dream as I’m typing this, I’m convinced it may have actually been a scene in some sitcom too — i.e. there may have been a laugh-track and/or studio audience watching while Keith and I were trying to work it all out. (Note: I don’t like mushrooms, but I have made shrimp risotto a few times.)
  2. This was uploaded to YouTube about (or at least) a year ago — with the same “cover” image that Dusty has in their listing. (Which makes me wonder if the image Dusty has up will really be the actual cover of the legit release coming out next month.)
  3. I know Buck Hill’s story, now that I live in DC and literally have a 5-story reminder that I walk by several times a week… https://dcist.com/story/19/08/28/theres-a-new-tallest-mural-in-town-honoring-local-jazz-legend-buck-hill/ (And for the record, I did learn about Hill’s story before the mural, but only because Hill became part of my education about “DC” musicians, which I felt obligated to learn more of when I moved here a dozen+ years ago.) THAT SAID, what was Wes Montgomery’s similar story? Had he specially been a postman? — or what other non-music job did he hold? — for what I gather from your post was a longer stretch. (My Wes knowledge is pretty limited.)
  4. So, in the parlance of Siskel and Ebert, that makes two thumbs up! 👍👍
  5. You know, that’s a pretty fantastic album actually — long been a favorite of mine (of hers) for 25+ years. Some great modern big band charts, and interesting arranging. 👍
  6. Just stumbled on this footage for the first time — which seems to be a newer upload of the same thing that started this thread a few years ago.
  7. Land and Hutch live in ‘71, great color footage!! Never seen this before this moment, seems to have been uploaded about a year ago.
  8. Yeah, opening that link triggers my WashPo app to open — but no story appears for me. I’ll try on our laptop at some point (maybe tomorrow), but I sorta doubt it’ll work any better.
  9. I can’t seem to find a link to any sort of WashPo obit for him — but my wife and I are WashPo subscribers. Also, searching on “roland cumberland“ on the WashPo app doesn’t seem to bring anything up. But if you or anyone can provide a link, I’m glad to get behind their paywall and share what I find.
  10. Who was it that quoted the Woody Woodpecker theme?? — more than just once, iirc. I know Woody Shaw actually recorded the tune (in the studio no less). But somebody, Woody? — and/or maybe Dex too? — did it as just a quote in one or more solos. That always sorta cracked me up — although I haven’t heard it in decades now (which leads me to believe it was Dex).
  11. Willette doesn’t have enough general name recognition, even among jazz fans — would be his argument (not mine). But if Grant Green was on the date, sure! — Zev would go for that quick, I’d bet. That said, Zev has helped get a few obscure-ish things out… Larry Young in Paris (helped that Woody Shaw was on a bunch of it) — and Roy Brooks at the Left Bank (also with Woody Shaw). Probably some others I’m forgetting.
  12. I imagine all of us do. What some of us might not have are the bonus material that only surfaced in the last decade, and only in Japan. That would be the only reason for many folks to upgrade — and it’s a real shame they didn’t include those ‘new’ (newish) alternates. Real missed opportunity.
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