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  1. Got an email last night that the Australian outfit had just shipped my order — so to their credit, they got my five shirts out the door in less than 24 hours (and I’m sure they’re printing these things to order).
  2. Yeah, that Judgement shirt from Uniqlo is just about the best ever. All my Uniqlo shirts have held up really well, but so have the non-licensed ones I got from the UK — and the one I got off eBay too, come to think. (All the ones I reported on upthread — none of them have shown any signs of wear, or the transfer not adhering perfectly well). Very happy with all that I’ve purchased.
  3. Ok, late last night I took the plunge with the Australian site… https://albumcoverstickers.com Apparently I’d created an account with them a couple months ago (maybe I had to, in order to test the $100 purchase gets your free shipping even-to-the-US offer). Anyway… …as a result, I got an email out of the blue yesterday with a Cyber Monday 15% off coupon code for their entire site (and had to act fast, because of the huge time-difference). So 15% off took their $25 shirts down to $21.25 each — and then buying 5 of them got me over the $100 threshold for free shipping. So I got three for me (Hill: Passing Ships, Monk: Genius of Modern Music Vol 1 (the bad-ass 10” cover), and Henderson: Mode for Joe). Bertrand wanted a Shorter: ETC (LT cover). And an Ornette: NY is Now for my buddy Joe, back in KC. (We all got them on black shirts.) It should get here in 15-30 days (shipping is 10-20 days alone). But $106.25 total for five shirts (free shipping, from Australia) ain’t half bad — truly $21.25 each, and no tax even. No telling what the quality will be like, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I’ll certainly report back my findings.
  4. I probably agree… Though I’d add that the peaks are higher (a number of really true “greats”) — and the troughs lower (a fair number of kinda “meh” dates) on the one more uneven label… …Whereas the more consistent label is nearly all “good” — but with very few truly “great albums”. (Assuming, of course, that we agree on which label is which!! )
  5. Nice recent Anam Neely video on the general subject of copyright, using throughout the very example in this thread...
  6. Drat, I seem to be missing 2-3 issues from 1983 (including July). I thought my uncle (he subscribed in about mid-1964 up thru the early 90’s) had kept and filed every issue, and he did for most years — but a few years have a gap or two here and there. But I’m just seeing inexplicably he had two(!) copies of the Dec 1983 issue — both of them with his mailing address label still attached. Sorry to not be of help with July ‘83 — unless it happens to be misfiled with some other year. I’ll try and look through all the 80’s folios later this week, and see.
  7. I too have read Michael’s liners numerous times, and been super impressed almost every time. I’d preorder a whole book in a heart beat, and even contribute to a Kickstarter (as a vote of confidence), should such an arrangement happen to be necessary. All the better if it were a combination of history personally witnessed, and memoir.
  8. I’ve had this date on CD for eons, but I have to confess I don’t feel like I’ve ever fully connected with it as much as I might have expected. It’s still “good” — but (including ‘live’ releases) I probably have a dozen+ other Shaw leader-dates I reach for first a lot more often.
  9. What’s the story with the half-an-album on Dawn? Leftovers from another session? Was it on an album with one artist on one side, and another artist on the other?
  10. I got a “under maintenance” last week when I came to it via my old (saved) link from my iPhone — the one that displayed new posts. Did that for several days, even after (I later learned) the board was back up and running. Deleted that shortcut, so I don’t have it to share — but I suspect that’s the problem.
  11. Aural evidence of musicians really listening to each other, closely (and responding in kind, even if only in subtle ways) — especially when playing live. AKA, jazz with multiple players needs to be a conversation, and I need to be able to hear that. (And far too often it isn’t, and I don’t.)
  12. I’m not sure I “need” everything that I definitely “prefer”… …but some things that definitely push my buttons harder include… At least some modest amount of collective improvisation (think Lee Konitz & Warne Marsh together). Or some degree of interplay between a soloing instrument and the rhythm section that seems much stronger than just simple “call and response”. Doesn’t have to be ‘frenetic’ — but something that isn’t solely divided into predictable (metrical) time-intervals. ”Free” or “free-ish” playing is better (for me) when there’s also some sort of repetitive ostinato (usually in the bass, but it can also be in another chordal comping instrument). ”Left turns!!” — stuff that isn’t entirely out of character for the tune, but turns that aren’t predictable or stuff you can see coming a mile away. Pedal-point bass and/or static harmony is also often a BIG plus — but only as long as the other improvisational components are sufficiently ‘interesting’ too. ”Inside/outside” playing (Sam Rivers’ Blue Note output is a good example, as well as Grachan Moncur and especially Andrew Hill). It doesn’t have to swing, but a pulse and/or a strong sense of forward momentum with some sense or “rhythmic organization” is hugely helpful too. In fact, some of my favorite players don’t ever swing: i.e. Gary Thomas. Those are just a few off the top of my head.
  13. How is the live date (2 volumes, iirc) with and under Warne Marsh’s name (and leadership) in ‘57? I’ve been eyeing it for a a few months, but haven’t investigated further. This one… https://www.discogs.com/release/6162661-The-Warne-Marsh-Quartet-Featuring-Joe-Albany-Live-At-Dana-Point-1957 https://www.allmusic.com/album/live-at-dana-point-1957-mw0000719602
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