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  1. Unit Structures: The Art of Cecil Taylor
    October 23-26, 2019
    The Graduate Center, CUNY and Brooklyn College

    A report by David Grundy

    Not familiar with this blog, but there's some other write-ups here that look worthy of investigation, including this recent piece on Alan Shorter:

    Also worth noting: CUNY will soon be publishing two Cecil-related chapbooks:

    1. Archie Rand: Eulogy for Cecil Taylor
    2. Cecil Taylor: Memorial Scrapbook & Sessiongraphy. Edited by Ammiel Alcalay & Michelle Yom

    Details here: and here:


  2. 10 hours ago, JSngry said:

    omg, just now looking at what this really's real, isn't it?

    I was around for the tail end of that "era" was how I got my ass out of Denton and out into the rest of america (and just a teence of Canada)...musically, it was a trip, to put it mildly. "Aspirational" at every level, and believe me, there were a seemingly infinite # of levels...I learned so many lessons doing that circuit for 13 months, and I met my wife too.

    If i ever do listen to this, it will need to be under adult supervision, adult medication, and adult restraint. Not one or two, but all three, at the same time, for the duration...

    I don't think I'm ready.


    I found it to be quite lovely. Lots of atmosphere, as you might imagine... more gauzy than sleazy. You might find this more appealing, though:

    Or this, for that matter:

  3. For anyone with access to these materials and whose healthcare providers are facing a serious shortage of PPE...

    Disclaimer 1: "These instructions do not guarantee protection against transmission of any diseases, but there is significant data to support the use of physical barriers to reduce transmission of airborne droplets, which can infect you with respiratory viruses. Commercially available masks meet regulatory guidelines, but homemade masks may not. Homemade masks are to be used at your own risk. Due to variability of materials and construction, the mask’s safety or effectiveness for personal protection is not proven and cannot be assumed. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Stay safe."


  4. 4 hours ago, Bluesnik said:

    The Farlow trio with Vinnie Burke and Eddie Costa is one of my favourite guitar trios. They recorded often and I think some of the albums in the Farlow Mosaic feature that trio. Plus the Fuerst and Second set mentioned before. Those were private recordings, coupled and put out by Fresh Sound or some of that Spanish labels.

    And I also got that Jubilee album mentioned before. It was reissued as a CD sometime in the late 80s or early 90s by Fresh Sound

    Thanks! I confess that this is a Farlow group I know little about. Fixing that!


  5. Nice. Forgot about those Cuozzo records!

    I'm also hearing echoes (pre-echoes) of Charlie Haden on that Costa date... I'm guessing it's just the guitarist's sensibility coming through. But it was not something I was expecting to hear!

  6. Thanks all!

    Yes, I can hear the Pettiford as well. But Burke's sound, at least here, is "guttier" (not, like, more gutsy, but with more string audible.)

    Remembering now that he's also on Gil Melle's GIL'S GUESTS.

  7. OK, I have to admit, prior to today, just a name to me. But I'm listening to the Costa/Burke trio record (Josie, 1956) for the first time in a long time today and I'm totally getting why Burke received co-leader billing. His opening solo on "Fascinating Rhythm" alone merits as much.

    I can totally hear a guitarist's sensibility in his work, but I feel the need to listen more closely now. Will probably pull out those "with strings" sessions he did with Mulligan next. What else is out there/does the board recommend?


  8. I was supposed to attend AWP ( in San Antonio last week. I had to cancel for other reasons (financial, mostly). Got then to sit back and watch as other writers started cancelling en masse beginning last Monday. Conference organizers then met with city officials to assess the threat level, decided to move forward, then had their newly minted Co-Executive Director resign in protest. Best estimates suggests 5-6K registered attendees stayed home; AWP attendance averages 10-12K. Lots of photos in my social feed of half-empty exhibition booths and conference sessions.

  9. This was probably not the case that should have precipitated a correction in the application of the inverse ratio rule. I mean, it looks like some long-term good has probably been done, but at the expense of the plaintiffs in this specific case. (That LZ's liberal borrowing from Spirit's catalog overall -- "Fresh Garbage" being a staple of their live sets in the early days -- strikes me as less than circumstantial.) The bad luck streak continues for Spirit...