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    Tony Scott

    I would never have pegged Bill Crow as a precursor to Eddie Prevost and the experimental, mostly UK-based musicians associated with "egoless improvisation." But his critique is as much social as it is aesthetic. Those are inextricably linked, of course, especially in music/practice that involves this level of spontaneous collaboration. And I'm not disagreeing with Crow... just interesting to me to see these threads running through to the evolution of an avant-garde Crow likely would have criticized for other reasons.
  2. Two polarizing players who somehow work quite well together.
  3. Diego Luna Pedro Pascal Temuera Morrison
  4. I need to listen to this one again... but my recollection is that my first listening experience was too painful (disappointing, but more than that) to make me want to listen to it again.
  5. All artwork by Don Martin of (later) Mad Magazine fame! The Farmer is the jewel here, IMO.
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