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  1. I'm still enjoying the struggle to get my head wrapped around Ride the Wind.  That music of that complexity and beauty can even be imagined, let alone composed and executed, is truly amazing to me. 

    I'm interested in hearing this record.  The duplicated composition... which one is it?

  2. Saw him live a few years ago, I think it was the same band as the NPR concert.  Really enjoyed the show, Guiliana in particular.  

    I'm not yet quite sure why, but I'm really loving this right now... from his new album "Blow."...



  3. I listened to "The Epic" on Youtube, with the thought that I would buy it if anything really "hit" me.  Three CDs worth of material is a lot to digest, and while I did hear some things that were pretty interesting, nothing really stood out.  It did, however, lead me back to some Coltrane records I haven't listened to in quite awhile.

    I'll give it another listen at some point.  For now, I'll continue to spin Kendrick Lamar's latest record, which is friggin' fantastic.


  4. MS-001 Mosaic Select: Grachan Moncur, Disc 3, "Hipnosis" session.

    As has been discussed elsewhere on this board, this Select is as much a Jackie McLean set as it is Grachan Moncur.  

    It's the first Select I purchased, and still one of my favorites.  Always hear something new every time I put it on.  Today, it's Billy Higgins' ride cymbal phrasing and comping (with the snares off) on "Hipnosis"... so good!!!

  5. Interesting question... Charisma is one of my favorite Lee Morgan records, along with Search for the New Land and The Procrastinator.

    I was always puzzled by the apparent lack of enthusiasm for that record, both here and (if I remember correctly), in the Penguin Guide.