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  1. Don Pullen Select. Just discovering those records, and really enjoying them. I have the Black Saint/Soul Note box, need to revisit those again soon.
  2. Thank you for all you (and the moderators) do here, much appreciated. -- Mark
  3. Excellent! Looking forward to owning a "proper" copy of this wonderful record. I recall trying to find it on eBay a few years back...
  4. I'm still enjoying the struggle to get my head wrapped around Ride the Wind. That music of that complexity and beauty can even be imagined, let alone composed and executed, is truly amazing to me. I'm interested in hearing this record. The duplicated composition... which one is it?
  5. Von Freeman - Doin' It Right Now. Love me some Von, and really enjoying John Young (piano).
  6. Von Freeman - Young and Foolish. (John Young, piano)
  7. Saw him live a few years ago, I think it was the same band as the NPR concert. Really enjoyed the show, Guiliana in particular. I'm not yet quite sure why, but I'm really loving this right now... from his new album "Blow."...
  8. Many hours of great music and conversation. Thanks, Chuck!!
  9. Thanks, Chuck. I'm gonna need to spend some time with that recording!
  10. "Not gonna be a drama queen"... way too late for that. Dan summed it up exactly right.
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