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  1. 19 hours ago, mjzee said:

    Correct.  It sounds like GregK has set up such a system, since he can access it on his iPhone.
    I’m guessing a “DLNA server” and a “BubbleUPNP server” are two different technologies that accomplish the same thing, and each had its own mobile app. 

    Almost. I use an Android phone, and the BubbleUPNP app is only for Android. My set up allows for both in-home streaming to my stereo system, and also over the internet streaming to the app on my phone, thus replacing the functionality lost from Google Music. Additionally, this set up also allows me to stream full high-res FLAC files. 

  2. 11 hours ago, mjzee said:

    Has anyone set up a music server accessible through the Internet?  I'd think a Raspberry Pi (or any mildishly-old home computer) coupled with an external hard drive could make this work.  I'd love to read step-by-step instructions to set up such an arrangement.

    this is what i have. My music is on a network drive, and I have a raspberry pi that acts as the DLNA server, using JRiver. I can then use that to play music to my stereo system or to my phone. It works great and was much easier to set up than I was expecting. I don't like the JRiver app though, so I have a second raspberry pi that hosts the BubbleUPNP Server, which offers a much better mobile app.

  3. On 11/5/2020 at 9:39 PM, sgcim said:

    This article pretty much explains it:

    According to a tally by the Washington Post, 13 states — Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Utah and Wisconsin — on Tuesday reported record numbers of patients hospitalized with coronavirus.

    With the exception of New Mexico and Wisconsin, all of those states have been won by President Trump.

    I think they (or maybe I read it elsewhere) even break it down by county in some of these Trump-won states, with the rise in cases correlating closely with margin of Trump vote.

  4. 22 hours ago, ejp626 said:

    The other big unknown is if COVID is mutating so rapidly to the point that an effective vaccine can't be found or would only be valid for a season or two (which is essentially the case with the flu).

    This appears to be unlikely. The leading candidates for vaccines currently are focused on the spike protein, which doesn't seem to be mutating much at all. Since this is a RNA virus, it will mutate more than a DNA virus would, but so far the mutations haven't been linked to lethality or COVID19 severity. What is concerning though is how the antibodies produced in some people who have been infected and recovered seem to be fading in just a few months (similar to other coronaviruses). This might mean booster vaccines could be necessary.

  5. On 6/4/2020 at 9:14 AM, bresna said:

    It seems so bizarre up that a discussion about the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of a drug treatment is now "political". Why has science become political? I just don't understand it. It's happening all over the place. Climate change, COVID-19 treatments, vaccinations... all scientifically studied and reported on and yet politicians seem unable to just read the science and follow the recommendations.

    Sometimes, I think the Internet broke our society as it's granted every crackpot a platform to spew their conspiracy nonsense.

    It baffling to me. Not only have they politicized the pandemic overall, this particular drug (I think a lot of this comes from Rudy Guiliani and Fox News), the weather (by drawing over a hurricane forecast map with a Sharpie), and now legitimate scientific research. In response to prompting from OAN, the president directed the NIH/NIAID extramural funding director to immediately pull the research grants for studying bat viruses, because part of that research is in collaboration with the Wuhan virology lab. Very important science especially at this time, but because of politics, it must be stopped right away. Outrageous! 

  6. On 5/6/2020 at 7:50 PM, sambrasa said:

    I sold my US / European Plugged Nickel box set a few years ago when I found the Japanese box in a Disk union store somewhere in Japan. I know, the Japanese version has 1 disc less and probably does not sound as good, but it has a special meaning to me. I used to drool over it in 1990s when I was poor and could not afford one, plus I like it's design a lot better. 

    wait a minute here, the Japanese set has a different design than the US? What's the difference? I always thought they were the same in everything except the mastering.

  7. On 4/16/2020 at 6:14 PM, Dan Gould said:

    Encouraging news from one treatment study at one hospital (the same study is ongoing elsewhere):

    An effective treatment - if the drug won't be impossible to produce in sufficient quantities - would be a game changer in terms of movement toward "normality".

    Keep in mind that this was funded by Gilead, and also that there was no control placebo group, so although it's tempting to jump to conclusions that it is a miracle drug, there's a lot of of testing that still needs to be conducted in controlled trials.

  8. 22 hours ago, medjuck said:

    oops. You're right. It's The Cellar Door (which is packaged just like In a Silent Way) that isn't part of the series --probably because it was recorded before but released after OTC and they would have had to number it 7.5. 

    I'm confused. The Cellar Door box (Dec 2005) was released before the On the Corner box (Oct 2007). I thought that they were considering the series to be mostly comprised of studio sessions (notwithstanding most of the Seven Steps set), thus Plugged Nickel and Cellar Door not being included in the numbering.

  9. 17 hours ago, bresna said:

    My wife just called to tell me that several local grocery stores have bare shelves. WTF is wrong with people? This is not "Bird Cage". You're not going to walk out your door and die. This isn't the plague. You don't have to shelter in place.

    No, it isn't the plague, but it is very important to limit exposure to large groups of people so that community spread can be reduced or cut off. It would be wise to treat this almost as if you have to shelter in place, until at least clinical testing can catch up. The health care system is depending on people doing this before their capacity for ICU is maxed out.

  10. I dropped cable in 2009, and with an antenna I didn't miss it at all. The antenna gave us higher quality broadcasts, and also access to channels we wouldn't get otherwise, like out of market stations. I hate to admit it but we signed up for cable again after a decade of not having it (because it was one of the new customer deals that gave us gigabit internet for less than we would pay for internet alone), and it just seems to have gotten worse. I thought some of these movie channels might be interesting, but they seem to just play the same movies endlessly. The news channels have been interesting to have during the impeachment hearings but I don't see much more that is worth paying for. Once our promo period is up, we will be dropping it again. I'm willing to pay for gigabit internet without the cable TV.

  11. On 10/16/2019 at 1:25 PM, Steve Reynolds said:

    I’ll be in the process of packing up a box or two of CD’s that I’m no longer interested to listen to. I have no idea of what to do with them. I’d love to donate them to someone or somewhere. Not sure what way to go.

    I’ve recently started streaming on Tidal (for the high quality sound and seemingly large selection) so I’ll be only be buying non-streaming CD releases (labels like No Business, Relative Pitch and a few others - some or all Firehouse 12 or Pi recordings are not on Tidal) but I’ve always bought 95% plus of my CD’s unheard. 

    I think most of Pi is on Bandcamp. Streaming and downloads.

  12. 6 hours ago, JSngry said:

    I didn't pre-order and amazon is showing CD in-stock date as 10/ somebody shipping sooner, or are there advance copies out there already?

    Weird. I pre-ordered from Amazon and received it yesterday. Guess they sold out of pre-orders?