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  1. Good version of Kind of Bird
  2. Ah, meant to hit 6, not 5! Montreal 60! Always a chance!
  3. I always thought Season 2 was the best! But they are all good.
  4. Damn this is very sad news. Those first two albums were so good, such a unique sound for the time. What a collection of talent The Band was.
  5. Blue Rodeo (from Canada) Ryan Adams- his 90s band Whiskeytown, and his albums Heartbreaker, Cold Roses and Jacksonville City Nights.
  6. It's like she didn't even at least check Wikipedia before writing this! "If we review his career, we know that he started with Be Bop. His work with Art Blakey was “pace-setting.” But having mastered that he moved on to form his own group, Weather Report. During his stint with his group, his “quest” took him to Jazz Fusion. He’d go on to compose many jazz standards and refined modern Harmonic language."
  7. I've listened to so much of his music, so many times, I almost feel like a little part of me died with this news. Just so sad.
  8. Huh, I had no idea. I pretty much avoid youtube except for when a link is sent to me, so I wouldn't know of anyone "youtube famous". Good interview with Jarrett though.
  9. I'm a little puzzled by all the comments regarding this Beato guy. Did I miss something, who is he? I've never heard of him before this interview, so I don't have much opinion of him. Is he famous or something?
  10. thanks for posting this video. Fascinating!
  11. I don't know about those, but this is what I use: https://www.miir.com/products/travel-tumbler-360-lid-stainless-steel-vacuum-insulated?variant=39546732249162 I like it because the lid never leaks, as the lid itself screws into place, and the opening is a push button. I've carried this one sideways and even upside down while trying to get all of my stuff out of the car and there have been no leaks at all. I have found that other travel mugs eventually leak at the lid.
  12. I was really surprised at how good this set is, when coming to it from the perspective of the Fillmore East album. The multiple Billy The Mountains, Wille The Pimp and King Kongs have so much excellent music that makes this set the definitive version of this band, for me (and I really am not a fan at all of Flo & Eddie).
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