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  1. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Here is one especially for Organissimo
  2. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Something is just WRONG about this one.
  3. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Something is just WRONG about this one.
  4. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Love is Blue, especially if your name was Spider Savage.
  5. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    Okay, you made me do it. Here are a handful.
  6. Silliest jazz album covers ever

    I wish my 7th grade English teacher had dressed like that! She was FINE.
  7. when it rains, it pours

    Soul, I can relate with the coming and going of gigs. For the past 8 years, I had an annual 3 week gig with a western swing band every February. We would drive down to Houston, and play the Rodeo. Each of the 9 guys got an efficiency apartment of our own, a meal for every performance was catered, and the bread was good too. (plus, we had every evening off!) Well anyway, starting this next year they are gonna use a guy who comes in solo with a hard drive to play recorded music for the competition! (Damn Karaoke!) And the thing that really sucks is that he isn't even paying royalties for the samples he uses! Our leader has a lawsuit pending, and the rodeo management team was informed of the illegality of their new "entertainer" I always counted myself lucky to have that gig. It is usually slow in Dallas that time of the year. There is a small chance that the snake will be fired to keep the rodeo committee out of trouble with ASCAP, etc, but I am not counting on it. What I do know is this: When one door closes, a couple more always seem to open up. On a metaphysical plane, I truly believe that there is no such thing as accidents. Everything happens for a reason. The problem/challenge lies in recognizing WHY. Good luck Soul Stream. It will work out.
  8. Serge Chaloff

    Thanks Chuck. BTW, I met you at JSangrey's house some months ago, and we discussed Albert Mangelsdorff. Hope all is well with you and yours. Glad to be on board here finally! B)
  9. Elvin Live at the Lighthouse

    Since Elvin Jones' Blue Note "Live at the Lighthouse" was issued on CDs, is the LP particularly desirable or particularly collectible? I know, that is a subjective quiestion, but I was just curious. Thanks.... B)
  10. Serge Chaloff

    Nice! I need to find a recording of that. When is the date of recording?
  11. Elvin Live at the Lighthouse

    If you have the space and still use a turntable, keep the LP. If you no longer play LPs, sell them. (so someone else can listen to them) Even with a crowbar, no one could pry my turntable from my white-knuckled grasp! In fact, I have a couple of functional spares. I would like to land a player that could play 78s. I am keeping Elvin at the Lighthouse, even though I have the cds (not the Mosaic though) Another Lighthouse date that is among my favorites is Lee Morgan's double LP with Bennie Maupin. Now THAT was a band!
  12. Sexiest album covers

    Now if she could only play....
  13. Most bizzare band names of all time.

    A western swing guitarist I sometimes work with has a great name for a 3 male vocalist bluegrass band called "Chicks See Dicks" I always liked that, but of course you'd get sued. How about "Felonius Punk" The Fifth Dementia" has a ring to it.
  14. If Chris Berman nick-named Jazz musicians

    Peanuts Hucko-berry Finn Charles McPherson struts Dick feeling his Oatts
  15. Roswell Rudd

    My Favorite Rudd/Lacy pairings are School Days, and Trickles. The Verve date is very good though. I am not familiar with the Shepp/Rudd reunion CD. I need to pick it up.
  16. If Chris Berman nick-named Jazz musicians

    Sonny Sharrock of Ages Steve Turre for Hollywood B)
  17. If Chris Berman nick-named Jazz musicians

    Okay, here are my corny attempts... Frank Roso-lean-on-me Jimmy "Knepper a Dull Moment" Jerry Dodgion-a-bullet Lennie Trist-a-no-what-you-mean Peter Ind-of-the-line Shelly Manne-of-La Mancha Jimmy Rushing-to-conclusions Brew Moore Coffee Jimmy Woode Woodpecker B)
  18. wherehouse music going out of business sale

    I passed by a Wherehouse Music store today and saw a going out of business sale sign...50% off everything. I don't know if this is the only one or what. This is one is at Centerville near NW Hiway a couple blocks from I-75. I picked up some real good deals. I was out the door spending less than $30. I only wish I had more $$ to spend. My finds: (all used copies) 1) Time Waits - The Amazing Bud Powell (Blue Note) 2) Lee Konitz at Storyville (1201 Music) w/ Ronny Ball, Percy Heath and Alan Levitt 3) Clifford Jordan/Ran Blake: Masters from Different Worlds (Mapleshade) w/ Julian Priester, et al 4) Albert Ayler - Witches and Devils (1201 Music) w/ Henry Grimes, Sunnay Murray et al 5) Serge Chaloff - The Fable of Mabel (1201 Music) Any Dallasites would be well served to go check out the sale; there are a few things left.
  19. really BAD "food" ideas...

    Near the top of the list of foods I avoid is brussel sprouts. Yes, I know the little suckers are very good for you, but they taste so damn VILE! No matter how they are cooked, they still taste like sht (to me). When served these disgusting bastards in the army, we would stick toothpicks in them and make 'em into alien heads. Also on my list is liver (of ANY animal, thank you very much) And what of that Asian delicacy that I have read about? Monkey brains, eaten from a live monkey?? Shades of Hannibal Lector. (or is it Lecter)
  20. Roswell Rudd

    Yes, this is another of Rudd's LPs, and one I am really trying to find. I have a tape of it. There is some terrific writing on it. "Blown Bone" is very hard to find. If anyone has a spare copy, I have some spares I would be willing to swap. I have extra copies of "European Tour 1977" and "Numatik Swing Band" I haven't a clue as to whether or not "Blown Bone" ever made it to CD; I doubt it though.
  21. Roswell Rudd

    I am sorry I didn't mention the numatik swing band jcoa lp. That is one of the strangest 'big band' albums I have ever heard! WIth the two bassists, two drummers, two percussionists, two tubas. and three french horns it is very bottom heavy, but it all makes wonderful musical sense! Dig Howard Johnson's wa-wa tuba solo on "Breathahoward" (he used the lid from a plastic trash can). I also like Sheila Jordan's take on Rudd's "Lullaby for Greg". If Roswell had never done another leader date aside from this one, he could rest easy. This one is classic. There is another pairing of Rudd with John Tchicai on a quartet LP entitled simply "Roswell Rudd" but instead of Graves and Burrell, they are with bassist Finn von Eyben and drummer Louis Moholo. From appearances, this production looks like a bootleg. It appears to be a French release, but strangely enough the label is "America" (30 AM 6114). Anyone familiar with it? Is this considered a NYAQ LP proper with the different drummer and bassist? On side two there is a nice take on Monk's Pannonnica. Worth searching for. Speaking of the NYAQ, my ESP-Disc (1004) is mis-labeled (on the LP itself). What is listed as side two per the printing is actually side one (and vice versa). I have always wondered about that.
  22. While browsing on Ebay (A daily habit), I came across this listing. I almost fell out of my chair. I wonder if this is legit. If only I had that kind of money to gamble with..... check it out:
  23. Roswell Rudd

    That ESP disc side with the NY Art Quartet is superb. I forget the label that the other NYAQ date is on, but I was given a bootleg of that one. Other fave RR sides of mine include all of the Carla Bley big band sides. (Especially "European Tour '77") Thank God that Carla digs trombone players! Roswell got all sorts of space on her projects. One can never overlook "School Days" with Lacy (which was recorded on the 2-track recorder allegedly owned by Jimmy Giuffrie). I have that on ESP vinyl and on of the CD reissues. I could listen to that 1,000 times, and it still sounds fresh. Another nice side that he appears on with Lacy is "Trickles" I have it on LP and CD. It may be OOP, I am not sure. I was a later convert to Roswell. When I first checked him out in the late 70's. I thought he was a complete fraud...of course, back then I thought Bill Watrous was God incarnate, so please forgive my youthful indiscretions. And that brings up an interesting fact. When Watrous was living in NYC, he (for a period of time anyway) was pals with Roswell! I would never imagined those two having much in common, but they did hang. Thankfully my ears came around. What he brings to the table (humor and irreverance for starters) cannot be dismissed! IMHO he spawned an entire generation of free style players.
  24. Hey i'm a vet!

    This whole industrial farming situation we are faced with is very disturbing. Now I read that the FDA is about to (or has already done so) approve cloned meat for consumers! This scares the bejesus out of me!! I just can't accept that this can be a healthy thing! It is enough to drive one to vegetarianism, and that is not an appealing option to me!
  25. Joe Henderson recordings on LP, but not on CD yet.

    Here is one that may not have made it to CD yet. Richard Davis' "Fancy Free" (Galaxy GXY 5102) has Joe w/ Richard Davis. Eddie Henderson, Stanley Cowell, Billy Cobham, and Dolly Hirota (vocal on one cut)