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  1. There are several artists who have shared bits of their work in the past and I've always enjoyed seeing their work. Thought it might also be interesting to see some members' taste in the visual arts. Post what you've got or even just what you like. The painting I'm posting is one I just happened across on ebay. What do you think? The artist my be a hack but it caught my untrained eye.
  2. Prices include shipping to cont. US K2s Bags Meets Wes $9 Sonny Rollins The Sound of Sonny $9 SOLD Sonny Rollins Worktime $9 Art Pepper Smack Up $8 SOLD Mulligan Meets Monk $8 SOLD others Bluesnik - Jackie McLean (not reissue) $5 The Birdlanders Vol 1 $7 The Birdlanders Vol 2 $7 Hope Meets Foster $6 SOLD
  3. K2s and other FS

    Some are yellow...others the Pepper & Miles ones that he and Sjarrell are iso. Riverside=red Prestige=purple Contemporary=yellow Green = Fantasy Actually, Fantasy=blue (at least in my collection, e.g., Brubeck--Jazz at Oberlin, Guaraldi--Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus) Jazzland=orange Pablo=lighter (than Contemporary) yellow Now that we've cracked the color code, are you sure you really wanna get rid of 'em? I was going from memory of my Jazz at Oberlin and I thought the sleeve matched the green cover. Obviously my memory has let me down. Damn it I am getting old!
  4. K2s and other FS

    Some are yellow...others the Pepper & Miles ones that he and Sjarrell are iso. Riverside=red Prestige=purple Contemporary=yellow Green = Fantasy
  5. K2s and other FS

    up with changes
  6. Anyone looking to get rid of their K2 of this title? I'd prefer it over the RVG. Have I waited too long to find this?
  7. K2s and other FS

    I do keep them but that's not as important as the insert.
  8. K2s and other FS

    A very nice gesture and I wish to God that would fix the problem. However, my OCD runs a little deeper than that. Without the packaging it just wouldn't "count." Thanks anyway.
  9. LF: Miles Davis Cookin' - K2

    It's not letting me PM you. PM me your email.
  10. K2s and other FS

    I know it doesn't make any sense. But it drives me crazy to not have these four titles in the same format. I had decided just to sell the K2s and get the Legendary Prestige Quintet box set but now I will see if I can get the Cookin disc from Claude.
  11. LF: Miles Davis Cookin' - K2

    That is exactly what I did, and exactly what happened. I paid about 6 bucks for copy and it was the original version, not the remaster. I looked on and that is too confusing as well because under the description they list details about the K2, the RVG, the gold disc and several other versions. They also have the title as Cookin' at the Plugged Nickel but have the image of the Cookin' disc so there is no telling what you would get. That's why I'm looking here. Because people here know what a K2 of Cookin' is and if they say they have it, they have it. Yes, that is what I would do. HERE is a link. The main problem with amazon marketplace is that the bigger sellers often don't take time to ensure that they have their listing in the right place. gohastings is one of the worst in this regard. I would avoid them. And no matter which seller you choose, it is worth it to contact them after you order to explain exactly which issue you want, point out that they have their CD listed as the K2, and ask for a refund if it is not that issue.
  12. LF: Miles Davis Cookin' - K2

    Up because I still want a copy of Cookin' K2. When I ordered it from Concord they eventually sent a message saying it was no longer available.
  13. The Hastings by my house has John Coltrane Fearless Leader and the Sideman box for $19.99 each. 6 discs in the leader box and 5 in the sideman box, great price. Both with nice sound, nice book and packaging. So check your Hastings! Lots of single discs are suddenly $5.99 as well. Looks like they are clearing inventory. With tax, paypal fees and shipping I could probably ship it to anyone who wants it for $30.
  14. With the RVGs out I no longer need these. I thought some Conn collectors might be interested. I don't know if anyone is collecting the Spanish Blue Note series but otherwise its been RVG'd too. Prices include shipping to Cont US Baby Face Willette - Stop and Listen - Conn $10 SOLD Paul Chambers Quintet - Conn $10 Horace Parlan - Up and Down - Spain $6 SOLD also non RVGs Jackie McLean - Bluesnik $5 Grant Green - Grant's First Stand $5 SOLD added Tenor Conclave (BMG disc) $5 Coltrane - Traneing In K2 $7 Coltrane - Coltrane Prestige 7105 K2 $7 Coltrane - Fearless Leader box (6 discs) $30 Cotlrane - Interplay box (5 discs) $30
  15. Buddy Guy

    I just saw Buddy Guy get inducted to the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. I think it's well deserved recognition for one of the pioneers of electric blues guitar and rock guitar. I was glad to see he has finally lost the Jerry Curl!! He looks more like a old bluesman now that he's bald.
  16. CD Rot

    I have seen talk on the board about CDs developing pin holes. I was always in denial that this could ever happen to me. Tonight for some reason I decided to examine my oldest CD, George Harrison's CLOUD NINE from back in 1988. Sure enough, riddled with pin holes. I panicked! Next I examined my Beatles discs which were also purchased back in the late eighties. Pinholes!! Now I'm freakin! On to my beloved jazz. My oldest- Hank Mobley's DIPPIN'. Sure enough, PINHOLES!! My wife thinks I'm crazy but I'm super anxious that my whole collection that I've spent thousands on, in slowly melting away! So my question is, how long before the discs become unplayable? I seem to recall someone saying that only early disc were at risk due to a change in manufacturing. Is this true or this just my mind trying to tell myself that everything is gonna be alright. If all my disc are rotting, I'm about to download them, get an Ipod and sell those suckers on the internet while they are still worth the aluminum they're made of!
  17. Jim, Joe and Randy, I don't even have my copy yet but hearing several cuts on www.radioio I want to congratulate you all on a fantastic job on this disc! I can only imagine how excited you guys must be to have this out. I was excited to hear it for myself and now that I've heard some I'm getting excited for you. I am very impressed with the development of the band since ...Sisters and I thought that it was pretty great too! Joe especially. I think your playing on Sisters was very good but it was the kind of playing that might get lost on nonguitarist or nonmusicians. From what I've heard so far, Joe's playng is not only the right notes played technically well but there is an energy and a passion that I didn't get as much from ...Sisters. It may have just not been captured on ...Sisters as well but it's a noticable difference. It's the kind of energy and passion that everyone can not only hear but feel. Kinda like how Santana can play a one note solo and it be great. The songwriting has improved as well. On ...Sisters, several of the tunes reminded me of other songs and were obviously derived from influences. These tunes seem more original and more your own "voice" rather than imitation of others. Even if this recording doesn't bring you fame and wealth (if there is any justice in the industry it will - BIG if, I know) you guys should be very proud to have made such a great record. I wish you all the success this record deserves. Keep it GREAZY!
  18. The guitar corner

    Instead of a baritone, have you considered an alto? Joe Beck used to have a signature alto guitar built by Cort. Not sure they still make it. Same scale length as his signature guitar (24 3/4 I think) but strung with 2 bass strings A to A. He used it on the duo album POLARITY with Jimmy Bruno. Sounded great, at least in his hands.
  19. The guitar corner

    Here's a few of the pickguards I've been working on.
  20. The guitar corner

    Here's my thinline.
  21. The guitar corner

    there used to be a picture on post 861 of this thread but is looks like it has disappeared. Don't know how or why that happened
  22. The guitar corner

    I can make you a custom pickguard if you'd like. I cut a tortois shell for my thinline and it looks sweet. I'll post a picture when I get home to my computer.
  23. The guitar corner

    Hey guys, Long time no see... or chat... or whatever. (Hope that doesn't make this spam) I have developed a way to print images onto pickguards. Actually, I print them then cut the pickguard. I can make a pickguard with any image you desire. Some other people do this but they charge $80 and they are apparently applying their images on the back of clear acrylic. My images are printed INTO the plastic for a durable image on pickguard that looks and feels like a real pickguard. I can do it in the $30 to $40 reange. I thinks its a good way to customize / personalize your guitar which is ealtively cheap and reversible. Attached is a picture of a pickguard with Santana's ABRAXAS artwork on it. If anyone is interested let me know.
  24. recs for MXL mics

    There's a sale at Musicians Friend on MXL mics. Any of these worth having. Most reviews are good. Prices seem very good. Any advice on which would be the best one get?