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  1. Charles Mingus Sextet, Live at Cornell U 1964

    Jaki Byard is killin'.
  2. Isis - Breaking Through Funky/soulful stuff from this all woman group.
  3. Sonny Rollins, "+3" (Milestone)

    I'll vouch for it. Another great album. Cut #2 (I think it's an original called "Biji") regularly pops into my head. Love that melody. I have a lot of Sonny and this is the one I play most often.
  4. Mosaic does vinyl.....again!!

    Sounds real good. Listened to it a while ago and I was impressed considering it's live.
  5. Per True Blue e-mail: Several years ago, Fantasy Records produced a series of 24 10" LP as custom pressings for Japan. The covers are exact replicas of the original artwork. Recently, they discovered an overstock of these collectors' items. We are making these titles available for a limited time at $17.98 per LP. We will be placing an order for these titles on Monday, August 1. For prompt delivery, please place your order before then. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. Has anyone heard these? Are they analog or, like the current OJCs, basically a CD on vinyl? DosJam
  6. Helen Merrill - The Complete Mercury Recordings, record 3.
  7. I loves me some Sonny Criss. I have these on CD but the brand new vinyl will be very tempting. It'd be cool if Classic would continue with the Prestige years on through the Muse catalog.
  8. Groove Holmes - American Pie.
  9. Fathers & Sons - Marsalis' side one, Freemans' side two. From 1982.