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  1. Some things I believe 1) the “magic” mostly ended w/John Wesley Harding 2) Nashville Skyline is a great album 3) Self Portrait is fun to listen to 4) Blood on the Tracks is a classic 5) Desire is wildly overrated w/the exception of “Isis” 6) I’ve found myself enjoying a lot of the later stuff
  2. My entryway into jazz was via prog rock in the mid/late 90s. Rush -> 70s Genesis -> Brand X -> Mahavishnu -> Miles Davis & John Coltrane
  3. I'm actually interested in recommendations owhich music from this genre+era people think has held up well! Some positive recommendations: Early Ozric Tentacles (Pungent Effulgent, Erpland, Jurassic Shift) Bruford Levin Upper Extremities (w/David Torn & Chris Botti) The King Crimson "ProjeKcts" (esp the ProjeKct Two studio album Space Groove, and the live recording of ProjeKct One) Also, I wouldn't call it good, it's far too ridiculous, but I find that I enjoy the first Liquid Tension Experiment album. A recording that's definitely unencumbered by excessive worries about "would this be in good taste?"
  4. So good. One of the best “complete live at…” box sets I have heard
  5. Too bad! I hope they change their minds. But if not, there are other ways to access the material.
  6. I have the luxury that I acquired most of the BN stuff on CD during the reissue golden era (1999-2009), so I have pretty limited interest in that kind of recycled content (though I understand folks who entered jazz at a later period might feel differently). Definitely interested in high quality music that's not widely available on CD, e.g. Land/Hutcherson stuff. I also would love them to just reprint some of the classic boxes I never picked up (e.g. Liebman Pendulum, Pullen/Adams). No need to reinvent the atom.
  7. Bummer - I guess I should check whether the 5 discs to date work
  8. The standards trio isn’t my favorite KJ format, I find a little of this stuff goes a long way - but the two CD live set Whisper Not is really great. Jarrett, Peacock and DeJohnette in a bebop heavy set.
  9. Well, that's the mindblowing thing. He's not the only jazz artist to have 4+ distinct stylistic periods (though there aren't THAT many), but none of them squeezed that into just 12 years!!!
  10. Not an expert in this, but : 1) A composition like "Antigny" on Blue Skies is hard to imagine without the influence of Coltrane. 2) At the end of "I Love You" from Serenity, Getz definitely plays around with some avant-gardisms in his playing. Nothing that's out of the mainstream for most mainstream post-bop players, but definitely more radical than what we typically associate with him.
  11. I think it's Lewis Porter who mentions that Coltrane's ballad playing is more influenced by Hodges (or pre-bebop styles) than by Bird? I may be misremembering.
  12. My preference increases chronologically. I love the post-1964 stuff the best, the early Impulse stuff 2nd best, and the Atlantic stuff 3rd best. I *enjoy* the pre-1959 stuff but I wouldn't say I *love* all of it outside of the stuff w/Miles and some sideman appearances (Monk, Dameron). In a finite lifetime, would be fine never hearing the pre-Giant Steps Coltrane-led albums again. I agree they sound quite different than the 1965 music. Not sure which I prefer, Interstellar Space, Stellar Regions, and Sun Ship are among my favorite Coltrane, so lumping it all together is very convenient
  13. This is a great, great recording. Is this a legit release?
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