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  1. Sax Voicings

    Thanks for the explanation. I have asked several people, but none have ever been so explicit. Although I have no formal training in arranging, I did endure two years of music education in college. I am a former musician and have two sons that are musicians. Thanks once again.
  2. Sax Voicings

    Can anyone explain or comment on the voicings that were used in the Stan Kenton band's saxophone section? Perhaps my ears have deceived me all these years, but I have always maintained that the Kenton and his arrangers used a particular voicing. The sax section always appears "full-throated". In other words, no one is using a subtone. The sound derived always bellows like a pipe organ to me. Can someone comment? Emilio C.
  3. Ernie and Emilio Caceres reissue

    B) Thank you all for your help in trying to secure these disks. Ernie did play for a while with Bobby Hackett. He also was the lead clarinetist on the old TV show "The Gary Moore Show" for many years. My dad chose a low profile life. He hated to travel and loved to be at home. I used to be a musician and played sax, but gave it up soon after I began a long career working night shift at a local Insurance/Investment firm. I gave my tenor sax to my son David, who is more known for his work on the alto. My dad also played jazz piano and vibes, although he didn't have much opportunity to do much with them here in San Antonio. Once again, thanks to all of you. If I can answer anymore questions, just add another thread.
  4. Ernie and Emilio Caceres reissue

    I am Emilio Caceres, Jr. My father was the violinist, Emilio and Ernie was my uncle. I am wishing to purchase this reissue, but cannot figure out just what amount of american money is needed to do so, including postage. Can anyone help? I have tried to contact the site via e-mail, but have not received a reply. On another note, my sons David and Anthony Caceres are both professional musicians following in the footsteps of their grandfather and granduncle. David is an accomplished saxophonist residing in Houston, Tex. He graduated from Berklee School of Music in Boston, while his brother, Anthony, is an accomplished bassist, both upright and electric. He just graduated from the University of North Tex. in Denton, Tex.