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  1. This is coming put on Bastille Day. There will be celebrations here..:
  2. I don’t have a vinyl copy of the album anymore but I remember that when it came out the blue and red photo was on front which carried no sign at all. The back cover had the liner notes.
  3. Too bad for France that Griezmann seemed off on that final match when he could have made a différence that day! Argentine was a deserving winner! What a great match it was!
  4. Luciano, the jazz session was recorded on April 10, 1967 at the studio Davout in Paris. The studio closed its doors a while ago. And welcome to this place. It is the best one to discuss jazz with a lot of participants who share an incredible knowledge on numerous related subjects.
  5. Just to correct spellings: drummer is Jacques Thollot, And it’s Luis Fuentes, Jacques Pelzer....
  6. I was at the recording of the jazz music of Le Depart back in 1967 in Paris. Komeda was taking care of the proceedings and not playing piano the day I attended. Rene Urtreger was the sole pianist behind Don Cherry, Gato Barbieri and others.
  7. Everything about Teddy Reig was big. Wish his book was even bigger than it is. Bought my copy for 29,95 dollars during a visit at NY’s Jazz Record Center soon after it came out.
  8. Sorry to report that the great Italian photographer Giuseppe Pino died in Bellagio this week. He was 82.
  9. Jean-Luc Godard has died, says Libération He was 91.
  10. Sempe died yesterday in Paris. He was 89. He is deeply missed.... So is forum contributor Paul Secor....
  11. Fred Plaut recorded many of Miles sessions for Columbia inluding ’Kind of Blue’.
  12. News of his death still remain unreported in the NY Times or the Washington Post. Or did I miss these?
  13. Very sad news. Tremendously underrated player.. Saw him when he was playing with Archie Shepp back in the 60’s. Love the sessions he recorded for BN.
  14. The excellent French ténor saxophonist Jean-Louis Chautemps who played with Martial Solal, Chet Baker and Nathan Davis, among others, died in Paris last week.
  15. Have the Brown (all 7 LPs) and the Milburn ( all 10 LPs) boxes and gîve them the listening they deserve!
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