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  1. Bennie Green - Back on the Scene (1984 RE Jap)

    Donald Byrd - Chant (Tone Poet)

    Jazz epistle - verse 1 (1990 RE)

    Abdullah Ibrahim - Dream Time

    Johnny Griffin - The Congregation (1984 RE Fr) Those 80's French repressings with slightly oversized covers really require twofer outer sleeves.

  2. Jamal created the concept of  samples, without even sampling anybody else! His mixes of outbursts, breaks and furtive lines within an ethereal atmosphere can be quite enjoyable. Of his early recordings,  I like the Epic & Okeh records but tends to prefer the live recordings at the Pershing or the Spotlight club. A later recording, Jamal plays Jamal, has great moment(um)s. From his very recent outputs, I have listened to his Olympia concert with Lateef (I only enjoyed the solo Lateef part) and his Marseille recording (solid date).

  3. I'll be seeing you In every lovely summer's day

    Comes the summer, you can hide behind the door

    The song is old, The summer days are through

    Like the drip, drip, drip of the raindrops When the summer shower is through

    Evening summer breeze Sweet warblings of the meadowlark Moonlight in Vermont

    The snow looked like dew and the blossoms as on a summer day.

    But in your arms I melt away Like ice cream on a summer's day

    Our summer day withers away too soon, too soon

    That's for Billie, I guess the number of quotes  would quadruple with Sinatra.