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  1. Great fun BFT, Pim!

    Our men Waldron and Harper are present !
    I almost thought it was a cut from Candy Girl, but it's the Call!

    Cora Jazz Trio for the third track. I know the tune, and it's not on Part II, so it has to be on Part I ! I still have to listen to Part III and IV.

    Wardell Gray on  the fifth track ! It's on a great Fontana record with early Dex!

    Not much  clues about the rest.
    Pianist on Tr10 sounds like Barron.
    Tr12 sounds like E.S.T. featuring A.M.Z on vocals, it might me Aziza all the way.
    I like Tr14, and it sounds quite familiar. Bojan Z on piano?



  2. I hear you,  the time elapsed between the end of  WWII and my birth is less important than my age by now, but the majority of my jazz listening has been recorded before I was born.

    Here are a few records I have enjoyed in the present century, the ones in bold maybe a little more.

    Jarek Śmietana / Gary Bartz - African Lake
    Abdullah Ibrahim Trio - Cape Town Revisited
    Michel Graillier, Riccardo Del Fra - Soft Talk
    Mal Waldron / Jeanne Lee - After Hours
    Rene Urtreger - Onirica
    Paolo Fresu - Kind Of Porgy & Bess
    Archie Shepp & Mal Waldron - Left Alone Revisited
    Mal Waldron / Jean-Jacques Avenel / Steve Lacy - One More Time
    E.S.T. - Seven Days Of Falling
    Tony Kofi Quartet - Plays Monk
    Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey - Walking With Giants
    Kora Jazz Trio - Part Two

    Organissimo - This Is the Place
    The Bennie Maupin Ensemble - Penumbra
    Paul Bley - Solo In Mondsee
    Reptet - Chicken Or Beef?
    Sophie Alour - Opus 3
    Abdullah Ibrahim - Sotho Blue
    John Tchicai, Charlie Kohlhase, Garrison Fewell, Cecil McBee, Billy Hart - Tribal Ghost
    Yusef Lateef Part-  Live At The Olympia June 27.2012
    Stéphane Kerecki Quartet - Nouvelle Vague
    Heads Of State - Search For Peace
    Ahmad Jamal - Marseille
    Laurent De Wilde - New Monk Trio
    Nicolas Moreaux - Far Horizons


    Plus I have discovered and enjoyed many musicians from attending their concerts or from heavy collecting from Dime around 2005-2010 and I should seek out their corresponding recordings at some stage.