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  1. No idea how essential it seems to the vast majority to go to the bakery store every single day.
    No idea how not essential it seems to our institutions to provide more tests and more masks.
    Such a guilty nonchalance.

    Telecommuting - what an oxymoron - is working just fine here. Commuting from my desk to my turntable was a bit too frequent so I had to adjust. CDs only in the daytime.
    Wishing the best to every person on the board and their relatives.

  2. I had the pleasure to listen to McCoy Tyner in a trio format in 2005 with Charnett Moffet and Eric Gravatt during the Grenoble Jazz Festival.

    Your music meant and means a lot to me, thank you for everything Mr. Tyner!

  3. 1. Wonderful track. I have never heard of the Visitors before today. The record is on my wishlist !

    2. A tyneresque pianist with the vibe of  Jazz Contemporaries. I liked it from start to finish and only recognized the India's outro. Tyner or Mabern?

    3. Sacrebleu, not Fauré ! It reminded first of a masterful use of Pavane in the Sopranos, and now I also want to  watch Life of Brian! Great fun track!

    4. I like the atmosphere. A bit of an early Jazz Crusaders.

    6. It sure has the mood of Lateef!

    8. Great arrangements from Schneider & solo. The saxophonist reminds me a bit of Alour.

    9.  The trumpet attack is sooo Woody ! Ilistened to this concert quite a bit when compiling the discography of Shaw. A great set in his sessionography in the  60's along with the ones with Horace Silver.

  4. On 29/10/2019 at 0:49 PM, Big Beat Steve said:

    Troy, MI, instead of Troyes?? :D

    But I'll tell you - this can happen almost anywhere:

    Years ago I had TWO such incidents where the culprit clearly was La Poste in France:

    My post code starts with the number "70", and you can put the "D" for Germany in front of the post code (although this is not mandatory as long as the country is clearly indicated too).

    Now there were two letters from France that arrived here with CONSIDERABLE delays (and one of them therefore too late for me to do anything with it as it contained entry tickets for a show at a particular date that of course had passed by the time I received the letter containing the tickets). Both had been returned/delayed with a mark of "non-existing address" on the back (and did not arrive until a second try was made), In one case there was a post office stamp of Vésoul (Haute Saône - 70) next to that "non-existing address mark" on the back, and the other letter carried a post office stamp from somewhere in the departement of Ardèche (07). Get the problem? :lol: Although both letters had perfectly clearly handwritten addresses with the line "Allemagne" (Germany) on them, in one instance they had taken that German post code starting with "70" to be one in the département of Haute-Saône, the other time they had misread D-7..... as "07" for the département of Ardèche. How silly can you be?


    Yes, those high-speed automated mail-sorting/ZIP-readers machines can sometimes miss the essential information, the country!
    The Jazz Epistles record (2014 RE) arrived fine about 10 days after my post. Great music but a bit désappointé that it's more a compilation than a proper reissue.

  5. Great fun BFT, Pim!

    Our men Waldron and Harper are present !
    I almost thought it was a cut from Candy Girl, but it's the Call!

    Cora Jazz Trio for the third track. I know the tune, and it's not on Part II, so it has to be on Part I ! I still have to listen to Part III and IV.

    Wardell Gray on  the fifth track ! It's on a great Fontana record with early Dex!

    Not much  clues about the rest.
    Pianist on Tr10 sounds like Barron.
    Tr12 sounds like E.S.T. featuring A.M.Z on vocals, it might me Aziza all the way.
    I like Tr14, and it sounds quite familiar. Bojan Z on piano?