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  2. His energy, experiments, ideas and cast have contributed to memorable movies in the 60s. I LOVE Le Mépris. Pierrot is not far behind. Thank you for the movies!
  3. Prior to my purchase, I knew and already loved most of the other sessions from this set. But the Ed Blackwell was a wonderful surprise! I need ro revisit it soon. Earlier: Billy Harper Quintet – Love On The Sudan NP: David August Boiler Room Berlin Live Set
  4. Gonzalo Rubalcaba Babs Gonzales Baby Face Willette
  5. The Lighthouse All Stars Kirk Lightsey KHAAAAAAAAN
  6. Basil Coetzee Barney Rachabane Barnaby Jones
  7. Mary Pierce Percy Heath Heather Locklear
  8. Sacco and Vanzetti Steven Van Zandt
  9. The Dave Brubeck Quartet ‎– Live From The Basin Street N.Y.C. Bill Evans ‎– Conversations With Myself
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