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  1. Keith Jarrett

    Don't know huh? didn't want it anyway!
  2. Keith Jarrett

    Funny you should say that, I remember seeing "Nice" way back in 19?? when he used a knife to hold down keys! then pull em out, and throw them into the speakers!---And I saw Keith Jarrett in 74/5? when I lived in Canada, what CD is My Back Pages off? I need it to add to my collection of Jarretts work/s Many Thanks!
  3. Keith Jarrett

    Hi, new member here, need some help with a question thay was in last weeks Guardian U.K.---which Bob Dylan song was recorded by Kieth Jarrett? a/ Blowing in the Wind? b/ I want you? c/ My back Pages? or d/ One to many Mornings? --I have 8 cds, and the Blue Note Box by Mr Jarrett--and soon will have the cd that this song is on!