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  1. Real Gone Music: Some new BN reissues!

    Last month a label called Real Gone Music reissued some early 70s BN albums that all are new to CD. These are from the late 4000 series and thus predate the BN-LA and LT series that are currently covered in Japan. I couldn't find any previous mention of them, so here is a thread. The releases are: Jeremy Steig - Wayfaring Stranger (1970) Gene Harris / The Three Sounds (1971) & Gene Harris Of The Three Sounds (1972) Bobbi Humphrey - Dig This! (1972) Hopefully more will follow. There are still a number of BN albums from the late 60s-early 70s that never have seen CD light. Real Gone Music should (probably!) not be confused with Real Gone Jazz, the public domain label that has come out with all of those "Eight Classic Albums" boxes of questionable quality.