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  1. Is that a pre-beard Coleperson Hawkins? MG Yes. Hawkins played with Fletcher Henderson in 1923-1934 (and took some of his most amazing solos during that time). Although this photo is of much later vintage in any case.
  2. Perhaps a bad decision to spend the third and last substitution on sending in Huntelaar instead of van Persie. Allegedly Cillessen has never saved a penalty kick in his entire professional career. And he didn't this time either...
  3. Yes Brazil were guilty of that same cynical tactic by trying to kick Rodriguez out of the match at every opportunity. Ironic that Brazil should now lose their star player to similar treatment. Scolari has been complaining about Neymar's treatment all tournament but that was exposed as hypocrisy last night the way his team acted. Until managers set the positive example and refrain from sending their team out to assault opponents' flair players it will continue....just ask Messi. I thought the ref was too lenient last night and didn't protect the players. he was trying to let the game flow but I think didn't draw the line early enough with some challenges Agree 100%.
  4. "BRUSSELS —A ten-year European plan to gradually phase out American football in the United States and replace it with soccer is very much on track, a spokesman for the European Union confirmed today. The E.U. spokesman, Alf-Jergen Holmboe, said the replacement of American football with soccer was the third in a three-step plan to transform the U.S. into a European country. The first two steps were electing a socialist President and instituting national health care, he said. Once soccer replaces football, our work will be done." PLAN TO REPLACE AMERICAN FOOTBALL WITH SOCCER ON TRACK, SAYS EUROPE
  5. So USA is now better than England at football/soccer. Who would have thought that a few years ago!?
  6. I also didn't know that Hampton, Lunceford and Webster were hits.
  7. That's very interesting. There are seven unissued tracks from the same sessions - could have been another album! Tommy Turrentine (tp-1) George Braith (sop,stritch) Big John Patton (org) Grant Green (g) Ben Dixon (d) Englewood Cliffs, N.J., July 11, 1963 tk 3 Blue John Blue Note BST84143 tk 14 Nicety (1) - tk 15 Jean de Fleur (1) (unissued) tk 27 Extension (1) - tk 32 I need you so (gb out) - George Braith (sop) Big John Patton (org) Grant Green (g) Ben Dixon (d) Englewood Cliffs, N.J., August 2, 1963 tk 16 Hot sauce Blue Note BST84143 tk 20 Bermuda Clay house - tk 26 Chunky cheeks (unissued) tk 34 Dem dirty blues Blue Note BST84143 tk 36 Country girl - tk 45 untitled Patton tune (unissued) tk 49 Davene - tk 62 Kinda slick -
  8. I think it is trumpeter Marvin Stamm. He played with Kenton in the early 1960s, but this photo must be rather recent. Odd choice.
  9. It includes the same Blue Note studio sessions as the Mosaic. In addition it also includes the Impulse album Jazz Messengers!!!!! with Curtis Fuller added to the same group. After that Lee Morgan would be replaced by Freddie Hubbard. What it does not include compared to the Mosaic is the Meet You At The Jazz Corner Of The World live set. Although it oddly adds four of those live tracks at the end as "bonus tracks", probably just because there was space left on the last CD to add something. And yes, it looks very "Andorran".
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