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  1. After 1899

    Reading Moms's comments in the Classical Bargains thread prompted me to look into some of the composers that he mentioned -- Rzewski, Wolpe, Walker, Flynn, Bowen, Dussek, Bolcom. I had heard of Walker and had read Iverson's post on Walker on his website "Do the Math," but the rest were completely foreign to me. I searched and did not find a thread dedicated to "classical" works published in 1900 and beyond. Who are the interesting composers? What are the interesting works? After Bartok and Shostakovich, what string quartets should I listen to? What should I be listening to in order to get myself oriented? I like piano quartets ( piano with string trio), what piano quartets written from 1900 to the present should I hear -- I have heard and do like Arthur Foote's. Is there a good comprehensive book that is available?