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  1. Reggie Quinerly - The Thousandth Scholar
  2. It is a solid recording. I saw the Borderlands Trio live several years ago. They approach the piano, bass, drums configuration with a peculiar (in a good way) perspective.
  3. Harish Raghavan - Calls for Action (Whirlwind Recordings)
  4. Nicole McCabe - Landscapes (Fresh Sounds Records)
  5. Logan Richardson - Cerebral Flow (Fresh Sounds)
  6. You might also want to check out THIS blog.
  7. Jason Palmer - Rhyme and Reason (Giant Step Arts)
  8. Wandersphere - Borderlands Trio (Intakt Records) Stephan Crump: Acoustic Bass Kris Davis: Piano Eric McPherson: Drums
  9. Gerald Cleaver & Violet Hour - Live at Firehouse 12 (Sunnyside Records)
  10. Charles Brackeen Quartet - Worshippers Come Nigh (Silkheart) Jothan Callins & Sounds of Togetherness - Winds of Change (Mad About Records)
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