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  1. Seriously, until last week I have never, not once, seen a complete episode of the original Star Trek TV show. My hair stylist nearly stabbed me with her scissors when I told her this yesterday, so...I know. Never watched the movies, or the follow-up serieses although Next Generation was on my radar very infrequently in real time, and not unpleasantly so. Anyway they gots it on the Netflix, and I figure now is as good a time as any, and I'm up to about Episode 10 of Season 1. Not enraptured or anything, but am really enjoying it and plan to watch it on out. I would really appreciate any tips on what to look out for (good and/or bad) as the series develops, good or bad. No real spoiler alerts if meaningly impactful though, please. Right now, I'm already sensing the whole "social commentary" thing, which as retro as it comes off now, has not yet taken on the heavy-handed silliness that it migh, or at least not yet. Otherwise, what I've noticed as constants so far are: Legs of women Landscapes like the Outward Bound cover or some such Colors like Sun Ra Shirtless Shatner...was this really a thing back in the day, shirtless Shatner? Kinda kreepy if you ask me, although thankfully not present in the episode where they land on the planet with all the kids whose growth is slowed down and Kim Darby gets a Kirk Krush...I kept telling LTB, keep your shirt on for thios one Kirk, PLEASE keep your shirt on for this one, because that would have been SO inappropriate, no matter where what or when. I have actually seen Leonard Nimoy's complete run as Paris on Mission Impossible before seeing him as Spock, but Leonard Nimoy appears to have been no slouch at delivering character after all, actually, Women legs for days. Does this yeoman stick around for the duration? Uhura does, right? So if you like, talk about Star Trek, the TV show, the original one. Please?