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  1. BFT 105 Discussion Thread

    First thing first - huge thanks to Jeff Crompton for his invaluable assistance in the finalization of this group of tunes. He had the skills, the software, and the time, to do some tweaking that I didn't, and his work made a difference, a very positive difference. Trust me. He also created the RAR file and the uploading to RapidShare. Jeff Crompton is a good guy. Now, for the music itself... Again, the emphasis here is on lighter things (I heard that purists won't like it, and they probably won't!), with a fair amount of whimsy as a chaser. Making it into a hard copy, a playlist, or an m3u file, starting it playing, and then doing nothing for the next 58:07 will give you the "full effect" (or as much of one as is there to be had) of all that. But if that's not an option/preference, no worries. A few "warnings" - the tune that comes on after the Nat Cole piece (hardly giving anything away here, btw...) comes on SUPERLOUD due to it being a super-compressed Amazon MP3 file of a tune that was designed to be super compressed in the first place. Jeff & I both tried to make it a little less BOOOOOMMMM, but there was only so much that could be done. The contrast was intentional, an example of the aforementioned whimsy, but only up to a point, so..fair warning on that one. Also, if you play the cuts individually, there will be a ten-second gap at the top of the last selection. That's intentional, and was put there to create a faux "hidden track" at the end of the disc.for those who might be listening uninterruptedly. Other than that, enjoy!