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  1. We will be leaving our house in the next 18 months (estimation) and we have been here since 1984. We have absorbed my parents stuff, Ann's parents stuff and our own considerable accumulations. I have begun thinning my classical cd collection and am now well over 500 discs. I am looking for suggestions to make this as easy as possible / balanced against getting screwed. Any suggestions from folks going through this sort of thing?
  2. For those of you who never heard about it, this is a very interesting label from New Zealand: Not limited to classical, world or jazz, Rattle presents artists from a variety of generic disciplines. From the densely textured guitars of Gitbox, through the evocative and primordial ambience of te taonga puoro on the albums of Hirini Melbourne, Richard Nunns, Gillian whitehead and Judy Bailey, the hand-made percussion of From Scratch, Dan Poynton’s 'gently' prepared piano, the ethnographic transcriptions of Jack Body, the Jewish/Tango influences in the work of Besser and Bravura, the 'widescreen' vistas of the Chris Mason-Battley Group, the Greek folk tonalities and dynamic emotional sweep of John Psathas, the virtuosity and grace of Michael Houstoun, the concentrated intensity of NZTrio, the poetic gospel-blues overtones of Norman Meehan and Bill Mahire, and the contemporary jazz stylings of FSH Trio, Roger Manins, Reuben Bradley, SNH Trio, Dave Lisik and Amy Rempel, the Rattle catalogue transcends boundaries of time and place. This is new music for open ears.
  3. Hello all, I just joined the forums, looking forward to being a part of the organissimo community. Thought I'd start off with a recommendation, as I just came across this new european group called "Shitpissnvomit", I guess they are still pretty underground but their sound is unlike anything I've ever heard ! Check them out a, there's some soundcloud links and stuff. what do you guys think ? Is this a new wave of something or is it just my frame of reference that is limited? : )