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  1. Do you know the early version of the band with Muhal, Paul Serrano & Nicky Hill?
  2. My friend Eddie Johnson held down a tenor chair in Cootie's band - he's on the Capitol sides. Mid '47 he left to join Louis Jordan's outfit.
  3. Intersection of Wells & Van Buren - the cop said no camera.
  4. On the Saturday after Thanksgiving we rode downtown (Chicago) to deliver a computer monitor to Carla's workplace and had an auto accident. Some Bozo blew a stoplight and hit the rear wheel of our car. He split the scene. $3000 damage to the suspension system. Only 3100 miles on the car - we got it in April. Because of supply problems, we might not get the car back until 2023.
  5. I first heard Lester Young on AM radio from Des Moines - either WHO or KIOA. This would be late '50s/early '60s.
  6. Good one. Caught him a few times in Old Town, Chicago.He had Phil Porter on organ - only time I had seen that name was on a Howard McGhee record from 1962.
  7. and your opinion? I understand "episode 10" is an answer of sorts, but.. I only have so many lives.
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