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  1. The real "Dynamo B"

    Dizzy Gillespie recorded 2 tunes, "Dynamo A" and "Dynamo B", for Dial in Feb. 5, 1946. Actually, both are 2 takes of what we know now as "Dizzy Atmosphere". On a radio broadcast from Band Box in Mar. 30, 1953, asked by Leonard Feather, Charlie Parker explained like "It(Dynamo A) wasn't 'Dizzy Atmosphere'. It's not the same record at all. This is a thing they recorded in Los Angeles quite a few years ago, it's a satire of the tune 'Lover'..." and played what we know now as "Diggin' Diz" as an example of "Dynamo A" (unfortunately he didn't play "Dynamo B"!). So I guess Bird thought "Diggin' Diz" was the real "Dynamo A". Then, I wonder what was the real "Dynamo B". The Feb. 5, 1946 session produced 8 tunes -- "Confirmation", "Diggin' Diz", "Dynamo A & B" (2 takes of "Dizzy Atmosphere"), 2 takes of "When I grow Too Old To Dream" and 2 takes of "'Round Midnight". So my best guess is "Dynamo B" was actually the working title of "Confirmation". How do you think? Is there any other recording of "Dynamo B"?