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  1. Percy France Memorial Website

    Well the time is finally here. I have launched the Percy France Memorial Website: I'd like to thank first everybody who contributed to the Go Fund Me campaign, it was greatly appreciated. I am very pleased with the end result. There are essays and remembrances from many people who knew Percy, and the Sessionagraphy uses photos (80% or more never seen before) and clips from publications plus details on all gigs with known recordings, to tell the full story of his career. And I attempted to include at least one audio clip for every session, usually two, so you can hear Percy's saxophone mastery. Please take a look when you get a chance. I hope people find it engaging and enjoyable, though I know there will be many visitors who spend about 90 seconds and leave. Do let me know what you think and do watch this page as the Summer of Percy France is going to have more highlights than just my website. Edit to add: Site is NOT optimized for smartphone viewing. Best seen on a PC or tablet.