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  1. hgweber identified the track and the composer - Wes Montgomery. If you had clicked thru to Discogs it is revealed there in the images of the CD insert.
  2. Time to let this one go ... someday I will figure out how to program a BFT that gets Felser-level attention (1500 page views last time) but how if I can't program that many FWL tunes? We shall see ... Thanks to those who did participate. The theme was gotten by Jsngry who said "intergenerational". I programmed tunes that had at least one "young lion" and one "old master" is the way I conceived it. 1. Eddie Palmieri, track four You Dig https://www.discogs.com/master/1025206-Eddie-Palmieri-Palmas 2. Alvin Queen Track 9 Mellow Soul – with Stafford/Jesse Davis/LeDonne/Bernstein – https://www.discogs.com/master/1842880-Alvin-Queen-I-Aint-Looking-At-You 3. https://www.discogs.com/release/11645087-Houston-Person-The-Lion-And-His-Pride Track 6 – Like Someone in Love 4. Ray Brown Trio Moore Makes Four Track 1 – SOS https://www.discogs.com/master/1068051-The-Ray-Brown-Trio-With-Ralph-Moore-Moore-Makes-4 5. Alto Summit – Woods, Herring, Antonio Hart – track 8 God Bless The Child I may have messed this one up, as I became uncertain if Phil Woods played on this or not and I did not make the effort to verify. https://www.discogs.com/master/1684019-Alto-Summit-Featuring-Phil-Woods-Vincent-Herring-Antonio-Hart-Alto-Summit 6. Stephen Scott Something to Consider - #2 Au Privave https://www.discogs.com/release/2856839-Stephen-Scott-Something-To-Consider Same as #5 except in this case, it was Joe Henderson who didn't appear. 7. Robert Taylor – Track 4 Judgement https://www.discogs.com/release/18258001-Robert-Stewart-Judgement The Felser Would Like track, and he did. Billy Higgins was the old master here, and both the tenorist and pianist Eric Reed qualified as "young lions". Stewart only started playing tenor at 17 and this was his very first recording. 8. Track 6 Don't Touch Me https://www.discogs.com/release/4955054-Saskia-Laroo-Meets-Teddy-Edwards-Sunset-Eyes-2000 This track was written by Teddy in 1960. I almost chose "Sunset Eyes," also with Ernie Andrews - good lyrics there too. 9. Rickey Woodard - Track #7 - 14th and Jefferson https://www.discogs.com/release/3979915-Rickey-Woodard-Yazoo Woodard might be the oldest of this group of "young lions" but while he had been performing for a while at this point, Concord's promotion of him - on two of his own releases, and two as sole horn with Frank Capp - surely felt like they thought of him as a young lion. 10. COHN/SCOTT/TATE – TOUR DE FORCE TRACK 2 https://www.discogs.com/master/684802-Al-Cohn-Scott-Hamilton-Buddy-Tate-Cal-Collins-Jake-Hanna-Bob-Maize-Dave-McKenna-Tour-De-Force The original Young Lion. 11. Brian Lynch & Emmet Cohen questioned answer - track 1 - Cambios https://www.discogs.com/release/6285374-Brian-Lynch-And-Emmet-Cohen-Questioned-Answer I conceived this as Lynch being the “elder", having played and developed so much since the 1980s when he and Ralph Moore played with Horace Silver, and Cohen as the youngster. But Billy Hart, who Sangrey liked best and Thom could barely hear, obviously qualifies as the “elder” as well.
  3. Kelley's CV isn't exactly filled with scholarly tomes about jazz or jazz musicians outside of the Monk book, as far as I know. It is filled with radical Marxist and other beliefs/assertions highly typical of today's "higher" education. It's a minor miracle that his regular work didn't overwhelm the deep scholarship of the Monk book.
  4. Seriously, Larry? You skipped an important bit: Dean Baker and Mark Weisbrot Social Security: The Phony Crisis ©1999, 200 pages Cloth $27.00 ISBN: 978-0-226-03544-4 Paper $12.00 ISBN: 978-0-226-03546-8 You use something from the last fucking millenium to pretend that all is still fine? That's the kind of shit that really ought to be kept out of this thread.
  5. What exactly is the "shit"? I've provided links and pull quotes to the original source material. The piece is accurate. Or was it the Trump quote at the end of the piece that brought politics into it? The fact of Social Security facing a point of insolvency - inability to pay full benefits by law in less than a decade - should not be controversial as "News of The Day" regardless of what outlet is reporting it.
  6. SS has always been a pay-as-you-go system. What you or I put in is immaterial to the solvency. SS collected more than needed from a broader base of workers -in the past. This made it "over funded" but since the revenue always went into general expenditures, it was never 'set aside' in any real sense. The over-collection time is rapidly coming to an end - ten years away right now, when, yes the Social Security Trust fund (which was filled with T-Bills, not actual money) is running out and will be ... what's the word? Bankrupt in 2033. Would there be less objection to the source if they had said "empty" instead? At that point, there will be a nearly 25% reduction in benefits across the board. But apparently for many on this site, dismissing the messenger is easier than dealing with the fundamental accuracy of the message. (And by the way, I am not sure if this analysis takes into consideration any intervening recession, wherein we can predict that inflows will decline as employment declines, and outflows will increase as inevitably some close-to-retirement people will choose to file for benefits earlier than planned, if their employment situation dictates it.)
  7. Original source: https://www.cbo.gov/publication/58564 In CBO’s projections, spending on Social Security exceeds revenues to the program in 2022 and increases relative to GDP over the next 75 years, while revenues remain stable. If combined, the program’s trust funds would be exhausted in 2033. CBO projects that if Social Security outlays were limited to what is payable from annual revenues after the trust funds’ exhaustion in 2033, Social Security benefits would be about 23 percent smaller than scheduled benefits in 2034. They would be 35 percent smaller by 2096, and the gap would remain stable thereafter.
  8. Thanks Mike, will be interested to see your reaction to the reveal ...
  9. Not sure if you mean Chicago musicians, or musicians passing thru or which. I don't think Al Grey was living there, nor LD and they recorded quite a few times. I think their approach was simply what was popular or thought popular enough to have a shot at decent sales. They were happy to nab people like LD when he wasn't contractually obligated to BN because he was, I am sure, a consistent and predictable seller. Check out how they promoted the first hit record by the Jazztet - I shared this on a FB page that is private - Rare Jazz Photos.
  10. Al Grey, with Billy Mitchell! Sam Lazar! LD (sometimes with Grant!)!! https://www.bsnpubs.com/chess/argo600.html the rest of the discography is available elsewhere on the site.
  11. I seem to recall that early use of his voice messed it up but not that it was specifically related to yelling at a record company exec. I have to say that this has got to be the longest period of time between first post and a response - Bravo.
  12. Just got permission from Ted Panken to use a quote from an interview he did with Charles Earland as a Remembrance on the site: When I was coming up as a kid, Bill Doggett was someone I definitely admired. I loved his group. I loved him and I loved to hear that saxophone of Percy France. Oh, man, those were the good days, especially when I lived in Atlantic City, and these cats used to come to town. Oh, they used to just knock my socks off. I loved Bill Davis and Bill Doggett. You know what I liked about these guys the most? They could groove! Man, when I would come down Kentucky Avenue in Atlantic City, I could hear them organs screaming all the way at the end of the block. As soon as you hit that block on Kentucky Avenue, you’d go into your bop walk! You’d start to struttin’ with the groove, man, because you could feel the pulse all the way a block away.
  13. I'll second Chuck's nomination of "The Rake" from Star Bright and also add the title track from Blue Train.
  14. Thanks for joining in Mike. #1 is not "very recent" at least as I'd define the term. Pre-1995 and all live in the studio by real people. Jim Sangrey got the three (for me) principal musicians.
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