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  1. When I saw its $14.98 with free Prime delivery I pre-ordered. I wasn't sure if Smoke Sessions recordings had a reasonable list price or not ...
  2. Thanks to the contributors for part 1 of the 20th Anniversary BFT Celebration and the participants. Dan Gould Track: https://www.discogs.com/master/1784843-The-Leslie-Drayton-Orchestra-Our-Music-Is-Your-Music Leslie Drayton has an interesting history considering he was a founding member of Earth Wind & Fire and music director for Marvin Gaye, too. I admit I purchased this LP purely because of the alto soloist on my chosen track, Curtis Peagler. It was track A3, "A Greasy Brown Paper Bag". @JSngry ID'd it as something played when he was much younger and came close to the title, yet the album says that Leslie Drayton wrote and arranged all tracks, so go figure. Some other heavy hitters in the band and there are several other LPs recorded by the group. I of course invite all other contributors to post here their reveals of their track details.
  3. I am definitely in on that though uncertain if it will be immediate or later this year. But should be very good.
  4. I plan to post the reveal thread with the answer on my selection. Other contributors should post at their earliest convenience. Maybe to make reveals "pop" the contributors should use a larger font?
  5. I guess you haven't heard that John Cleese is working on a musical version of Life of Brian and has been told in no uncertain terms that the scene featuring Eric Idle's desire to be a woman named Loretta and to have children is absolutely unacceptable today. God bless John Cleese for telling them all to piss off.
  6. I'll take your word for it. "Walk the Dinosaur" was not, IMHO, an interesting song. Since that was the sum total of my knowledge of the current BN Pres, I was not exactly impressed when he got hired.
  7. If it is he apparently approved it. But I am wondering more about live recordings after the return to the label more than archival items. If there are Left Bank tapes coming because someone like Hank was contracted to the label that would be fantastic. But only on CD and I am not at all holding my breath.
  8. All posts from Clifford Jordan/Cedar Walton on are video snips.
  9. Glad to hear Bellinger is headed back to the Cubbies, I think they now have a strong shot at the playoffs if not the Division. And if I haven't said it in so many words, John Henry is losing every bit of good will that 4 WS championships brings. Another last place finish seems inevitable and there if they sniff a .500 record it will be in the 81-83 win range. Pathetic.
  10. @tkeith Hoping some folks try to puzzle out the alto before the end of the month. So far we've eliminated Red Holloway, Charlie Williams, Chris Woods, Hank Crawford, Lockjaw and Cleanhead. My hint is, this well-regarded player had a few leader dates but is best known as a sideman/feature soloist.
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