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  1. Wow, that sucks. I have my own. Kicked by one of our horses last week. Non-displaced fracture of right forearm. Due to crappy HMO god knows when I will see orthopedist for casting. OTOH a few inches to left and would have been ribs and/or spine. The latter might have f-ed up the rest of my days, so there's that!
  2. Took until now to realize how hard a thrower he was. And he finished what he started. Does anyone recall a Saturday game of the week segment where Garagiola caught Perry, and he went thru the exact same motions, and one pitch was dry and the next, left an oil slick in Joe's glove? Hysterical - and it made you think.
  3. I didn't really know if Beymer sang - or maybe I did, but the reality is the visual ties to the song so its still Beymer I think of. And I can say there are two "Felser" tracks selected, others that may very well appeal. Only one that I can say is definitely not your cuppa, since the composition pre-dates your jazz preferences.
  4. 1 . NO. Does nothing for me. Apparently someone I knew later in her career when she made no significant impression. However I think she played the roadhouse blues singer in A Soldier’s Story? I will say if she ever recorded an album like that (?) I would want to hear it. 2. Don’t hate but kinda wears out it’s welcome. Feels like “let’s play on this for 9 minutes” - as proven by the quick fade. 3. Lost me right at jump but I held out for the bone solo. Until the sax started up. NEXT. 4. The effects/production give it a time and place I have no feel/interest. Turrentine doesn’t save it because I don’t want to hear him wailing over the muck. And what is with the g-d fades? So many with fade outs reinforces my sense of commercialized music performed to get to 40 minutes in the can. 5. Sorry for me it’s Richard Beymer all the way and forever for me. As far as I am concerned this is putrid. 6. A tiny bit curious if the sax is a recognizable name. 7. More vocals and production from an era that never appealed, sorry. 8. Moody piano a most welcome change of pace. Glad the mood is maintained thru out. A thousand stars. (real rating, 2.5 to 3 stars) 9. Goodbye at 2 minutes but it should have been sooner. I give my buddy the benefit of the doubt that way. 10. Couldn’t make it to a minute. #9 is sounding better all the time. 11. No. 12. Vocalist sounds sort of familiar. 13. I made it to the halfway point. 14. Well short is better. Was 8 the late 50s track? Thanks Felser I hope you are gentler with my January compilation.
  5. Big Al in the house? Seems like forever but good to see.
  6. Thank you Andy. I've been following the traffic stats this month and there has been a very nice jump in number of visitors as well as time spent on the memorial site. Going to wait until December 1 to tally it all up though.
  7. Thanks for bringing this thread back up Rooster. I was folding clothes this morning and wanted to add to my prior report about the quality of the Etsy seller https://www.etsy.com/shop/RootsMusicTShirts?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=908301931 I would say I wear each of what I purchased at least once every ten days so these have gone thru a lot of washes. Quality remains very high so in the holiday season if anyone was thinking of these as a purchase or gift request, buy/request with confidence! I especially liked this one https://www.etsy.com/listing/908301931/jazz-music-t-shirt-album-cover-artwork?click_key=a5f391d87486355e66a88c3eff29a2d799c1e4f0%3A908301931&click_sum=cf2caf26&ref=shop_home_recs_1&pro=1&sts=1
  8. I have added Volume 6 & 7 details in my original post and below: Volume 6: Benny Carter, alto saxophone Harry “Sweets” Edison, trumpet Derek Smith, piano George Duvivier, bass Ronnie Bedford, drums Volume 7: Benny Carter, alto saxophone Chris Neville, piano Steve LaSpina, bass Jackie Williams, drums
  9. https://www.mlbtraderumors.com/2022/11/rangers-hire-will-venable-as-associate-manager.html So can someone explain "Associate Manager"? Is that tenure-track or just adjunct?
  10. I could be wrong and I bought the CD just for the extra track, singular.
  11. I was motivated to relisten by Joe's comment. I do not find the session meritless. If I remember correctly, Blue Lament appeared only years later on a CD reissue? I know I replaced the vinyl I had when I found out that a CD - Music of Kenny Dorham - had several extra tracks.
  12. First on my list of Christmas requests.
  13. Suddenly I'm starting to remember that -especially the Mets connection. 🤯 So folks, what is the over/under? 40%?
  14. Apparently I missed this part of the reporting on the cheating system. Was he on the hook for a long suspension had he not retired? I just don't recall these things at all, I mostly remember what was done to the manager and bench coach who was the, uh, manager of the Red Sox when it all came out. Anyway I still think Beltran is an overwhelming case for the HoF - how long he should wait will be up to the writers. Now I am curious to see how far he has to go after this ballot. I am guessing we've got Rolen getting elected from the prior ballots and ... whoever comes out of that group of recent stars (and I am dying to find out what support Bonds and Clemens get from the small group of electors). Baines presence is the bottom of the current barrel and makes Rice in on the last year of his candidacy look like a no-brainer (I loved Rice as a kid but understood the arguments against). Baines never put the fear of God into pitchers and managers the way Rice did. Baines is purely LaRussa's fault and a travesty.
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