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  1. Finally able to post this program, which features music from Lateef’s richly diverse 1960s discography and commentary from Mark Stryker: The Jazz Message of Yusef Lateef: The 1960s ... it’s a sequel to the earlier program The Jazz Message of Yusef Lateef: The 1950s, which also includes commentary from Mark.
  2. Michael Weiss' PERSISTENCE

    Pianist and board member Michael Weiss has a new album out next week, with liner notes by another board member, Mark Stryker: Persistence I just ordered a copy through my local record store, Landlocked Music.
  3. Organissimo poster and jazz writer par excellence Mark Stryker contributes to this Times overview with praise for Kenny Dorham: Five Minutes That Will Make You Love The Trumpet
  4. Another insightful piece from Bloomington's/Detroit's/Organissimo's/the world's own Mark Stryker (did I cover enough bases there?), published yesterday on the JazzTimes website: Chronology: Quincy Jones In The 1950s ... as far as Quincy's 1950s arranging work goes, I'd also cast a vote for Billy Taylor's My Fair Lady Loves Jazz album.
  5. Posting this week’s show, the first of a two-part tribute to Yusef Lateef, a bit early because today is his centenary. Mark Stryker, author of Jazz From Detroit (and well-known as a contributor to this forum) joins the program to talk about this key period in Lateef’s development as a musician: The Jazz Message Of Yusef Lateef: The 1950s
  6. Mark Stryker's excellent contribution to Ethan Iverson's Charlie Parker centennial overview: Live Bird Is The Best Bird
  7. The first part of a two-part Night Lights show about Detroit jazz with special guest Mark Stryker is now up for online listening: Made In Detroit: Jazz From The Motor City, Part 1 Part 2 to follow in the next few days.
  8. A recent interview I did with Organissimo poster Mark Stryker is up for online listening: Mark Stryker on Profiles Lots of great stuff from Mark about growing up in Bloomington, how he fell in love with jazz, his work as a critic and writer, and more.