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  1. We have two TVs, one less than a year old, one about five years old. The older one does not have motion smoothing, the new one does. We tend to watch anything "movie"-ish on the one that doesn't,, just because it's in the bedroom and a bed beat a recliner, mostly. But on the new one, when we watch, like old TV shows or cartoons, I thought, wow, this has all been digitally remastered for HD, and Popeye looks 3D, WOW! They got Perry Mason looking like LIVE TV!!!! And I'm thinking, ok, different, extreme, maybe, but it's a new way of looking at old stuff. Only, I guess it's wrong? For classic films and stuff, yeah, I get the outrage, and seeing the analogy to recorded musics, yeah, the desire to keep the original/basic sensory paradigm is important to me. But otoh, hey, Betty Boop in quasi-3D is fun. Seeing Hamilton Burger get that "oh shit, I'm fucked AGAIN" look like it was live on Playhouse 90 or something is a hoot. Etc. So, you guys, have you noticed the effect of this, and if so, does it bug you? It says you can turn it off, but I'm not sure I want to right now.