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  1. Not Two but Twenty Orchestra

    Just released in limited edition 5 CD wooden box small formations then one 8+ minute full band piece if I can remember (it’s on the website) here are the musicians: Barry Guy Maya Homburger Joelle Leandre Agusti Fernandez Mats Gustafsson Peter Brotzmann Steve Swell Rafal Mazur Per-Ake Holmlander Mikolaj Trzaska Ken Vandermark Paal Nilsson-Love Zlatko Kaucic Without a doubt for me the most exciting upcoming release of the year - the combinations look very exciting. My guess is that the legends brought their A games to this mini-festival that led to this release. peace and blessings to everyone here in these difficult times
  2. Rodrigo Amado Quartet Recordings

    Search out any or all 3: The Flame Alphabet Searching for Adam This is Our Language former features local cellist and drummer with Jeb Bishop as Amado's foil, middle recording features NYC dudes Taylor Ho Bynum(or maybe from a little north of the city - not sure), John Hebert & Gerald Cleaver with the great drummer as powerful as I've ever heard him - on record or even live the newest - last on the list - I've only listened to twice and it has a shot to be comparable to these other awesome records. Initial highlight is Joe McPhee - rhythm team is Kessler & Corsano Amado's style or language is very unique in that it is essentially groove based free jazz inprovisations that eschew the more detailed small improv *and* free jazz blowout screaming escatic style. No sheet music here and always focused group improvisation often with both horns in play simultaneously these 3 recordings are the works of a major tenor (sometimes baritone) saxophonists recorded with sympathetic world class musicians - all recordings are edited to somewhat short lengths - both The Flame Alphabet & This is Our Language have LP running time (low 40 minutes or so) so there is little or no filler. Not a track on any of these records I'm ever thinking of skipping plus the sound quality on all three of these is as good or better as anything I own. For the audiophiles here, I say try The Flame Alphabet first - hard choice as the sound that Cleaver makes on that record is like he is in the room. The only label I've heard that makes current recordings that sound this good are Nessa and maybe Hat Art (when they made a few more new recordings!)