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  1. Should be a recording of Rubin Kodheli, Mary Halvorson, Trevor Dunn & Brian Chase from this past Sunday night!! and Ches Smith, Mary & Nick Dunston from 2 weeks ago plus a trio with Mary, Tomas Fujiwara & Henry Fraser from 2/14 among the numerous shows I’ve seen these might have been the best this month. all freely improvised magical performances Mary is best in these small group improv settings
  2. 55-56 minute continuous improvisation. Genius level performance. Maybe the best I’ve ever heard Mary play. Stunning. Invention and true on the spot compositional improvisation. Very impressed with Henry Fraser. First time hearing him. Very strong more than holding his own in elite company. Tomas has it all and yet his typical restraint was combined with the most explosive playing I’ve ever heard from him.
  3. Tomas Fujiwara with Henry Fraser & Mary Halvorson at The Stone at The New School tomorrow night Tim Berne with Gregg Belisle-Chi, Trevor Dunn & Tom Rainey at Lowlands Saturday night Open Loose with Mark Helias, Tony Malaby & Tom Rainey with Tim Berne guesting at Barbes
  4. Thank you Sir SO glad you were able to experience this what a “front line”
  5. 2 great sets tonight in NYC. My friend and I were 10 feet from Tom Rainey. Will see him again twice next week. I can never get enough of the *great* Tom Rainey. Peaking madly. Next Thursday with Tim Berne’s group then Saturday 2/17 with Open Loose (Helias & Malaby) with Berne as a guest.
  6. Awesome! Try to find Matt Vernon & Hope. Ask around. Tell them Steve says hello. Hope was Peter’s tour manager for the US for a couple of decades.
  7. A few of my friends are there. Are you going to any of the sets?
  8. The new Tim Berne with Hoff, Ducret, Torn & Ches Smith is incredible
  9. The gig this Wednesday is an improv set with Mary, Nick Jozwiak & the *great* Ches Smith. In a tiny room in Brooklyn. The small groups are the place to really “hear” Mary Halvorson. I strongly recommend Hotel Grief on Intakt by the Tom Rainey, Ingrid Laubrock & Mary Halvorson. Freely improvised MUCH different than the overly composed larger ensemble music. to my ears it’s much more exciting as well as I tend not to be moved by more academic structured music. Not just with Mary either.
  10. Seeing Mary in more preferred settings for me 3 times this month. This week in an improvising trio with Nick Jozwiak & Ches Smith. Later this month with Tomeka Reid’s great quartet. In between a trio with Henry Fraser & Tomas Fujiwara. as an aside, this is a golden age for live left leaning music in NYC/Brooklyn. Much of it is way under the radar but “the gold is where you find it”. retirement is glorious:)
  11. 4 nights of Brandon Lopez in various improvising ensembles from last Wednesday thru Saturday night highlights were the trio with Chuck Roth & Dennis Sullivan on Friday night and then the duo with Fred Moten on Saturday night which was sublime and emotionally devastating. Brilliant. Chuck Roth is a genius level improvisor. 27 years old and beyond creative and totally unlike any guitarist I’ve ever heard. Also the quintet with T.J. Borden, Michael Foster, Webb Crawford & Joey Sullivan was great. Webb Crawford is a brilliant young guitarist. I can’t tell anyone here how great Brandon Lopez is as a bassist and creative inventive force but I will say the 4 day experience will be a lasting one. Certainly I don’t know another bassist who is improvising at this level that I’ve seen live. Plus for my ears, mind and heart he’s pursuing a muse that is in a very powerful oblique and abstract direction and more power to him. also fit in a trio set with Tony Malaby, Ben Monder & Alan Mednard @ Barbes. Tony stuck with his tenor for this set and had to overcome a slightly too loud Monder but this is a minor quibble. Monder was really bringing it with his effects and Tony mixed his long tones with some elbow flapping high energy classic Malaby playing. The dude is as great as ever. Look forward to 2/17 with Open Loose (with Helias & Rainey) plus Tim Berne. I think the first Open Loose show in 8 or 9 years.
  12. A few great gigs last week including an amazing trio with Sandy Ewen, Tim Dahl & Brian Chase Tonight thru Saturday night Brandon Lopez at The Stone tonight with Michael Foster, Webb Crawford, T.J. Borden & Joey Sullivan fired up
  13. Be well and welcome back, Larry
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