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  1. Darius Jones Quartet with Matt Mitchell, Chris Lightcap & Ches Smith
  2. Barry Guy 5 CD box set recorded in 2018 in Krakow on Not Two records
  3. Plus I’ll comment that Ramon Lopez is simply over the top amazing on the 2018 collection. Me loves me some Paul Lytton but the improvs with Lopez have such a bouncy swinging energy. Trios with Mazur & Purcy and then the aforementioned trios with Guy & Mazur. As far as Rafal Mazur I’ve been screaming about him here and anywhere for 6-7 years now. He’s a genius level player on his custom bass. He demands to be heard.
  4. Yeah this dude Pursglove is right there with me next to Wooley & Evans. Maybe even a more natural improvisor than the Americans. fwiw KV will never be a natural. He’s a grinder but he gets to better places these days. I’m a big fan of some or even most of his large group stuff. Some of his experimental stuff with younger musicians and electronics is very strong as well.
  5. John Zorn’s New Masada @ Roulette in Brooklyn 8:00 set
  6. Thanks / I ordered 3 as well. Finally ordered the Turbine double disc.
  7. The 3 shortish tracks from the 2018 concerts with Guy, Mazur & Lopez are all-time heavy energy improvisations. Stunning. 21 minutes combined. The combination of the 2 bassists and the *great* Ramon Lopez on drums would seem to be unusual but it’s incredible. Glad I was able to see him live with Turbine a few years ago.
  8. Skipping to the 41 minute version of Harmos. Listened to good portions of each box. All great so far. Couldn’t resist. Imagining seeing and hearing this awe inspiring ensemble live. they are killing it. Niggli is a monster. The recording as always with Not Two is stunning. Never heard a large ensemble recorded so well.
  9. Tons of actual current ones last weekend live / 2 amazing sets Mary Halvorson Michael Formanek Tomas Fujiwara They call themselves Thumbscrew best superband i ever saw was Peter Brotzmann’s Chicago Tentet Herr Brötzmann plus Mats Gustafsson Ken Vandermark Mars Williams Joe McPhee Fred Lonberg-Holm Jeb Bishop Kent Kessler Michael Zerang Hamid Drake live 2000 & 2002 @ Tonic on Norfolk Street in NYC
  10. Listening to the 18 minute piece from the quartet with Picard, Niesemann, Guy & Niggli It’s incredible how fresh this “old school” improv sounds. These “small formation” improvisations always stun me with their vibrancy. Niggli is a powerhouse. Guy is as great as ever at over 70.
  11. No company provides better service than Not Two records
  12. Disorder at the Border plus Tobias Delius Kataklisma fundacja sluchaj Daniele D’Agaro, Giovanni Maier & Zlatko Kaucic no Ornette covers like the astounding Not Two release but the addition of the great Delius makes this a great show/release / all fully improvised. Maier is a great great bassist. recorded live on 9/15/2017
  13. Received my boxes today. Starting with the 2018 5 CD box. Lots of Purcy & Rafal. Can never get enough of these musicians. Add in Snekkestad, Mette, Lytton, KV Agusti & Ramon Lopez and what you have appears to be magic music. 4 discs of improv then a new 57 minute piece with Mats Gustafsson & Liudas Mockunas (2 of the greatest saxophonists on the planet) added and I think I’m looking forward to disc 5.
  14. Thumbscrew (both sets) were incredible last night. Stunning on all kinds of levels. yes, Mary is GOD:)
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