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  1. They are OK. Better 4-5 years ago before their improvisations became rote. Phil Lesh’s band this past weekend at Capital Theatre in Port Chester was incredible. I was at 3 of the 4 nights. Pretty great for the 83 year old legend. John Medeski, John Molo, James Casey plus great guitar playing by Grahame Lesh & Rick Mitarotonda. Wonderful violinist in Katie Jacoby and the great vocalist Nicki Bluhm.
  2. It’s a Grateful Dead cover band. Russo is the drummer & leader.
  3. Tuesday night Son of Goldfinger once more this time with the awesome Devin Hoff on what I imagine will be his electric bass guitar. Wowza.
  4. Son of Goldfinger playing again on Tuesday 2/14 with the awesome Devin Hoff added. Same tiny little place. Also on 2/21. I’ll be there this Tuesday at least. Last Thursday set was a 42 minute piece followed by a 32 minute slab of genius. As great a show as I’ve seen recently and I’ve seen a bunch of great sets over the past 4 months. Maybe the 2 William Winant sets the end of last year were comparable. The set with Winant, Ches & Ava Mendoza was astounding. Ches also used his I-phone & lap top electronics that night. He’s a genius with this stuff as well as being the among the 2-3 most powerful & creative drummers on the planet. On Thursday with Torn & Berne it was complete immersion from 6 feet away. Mind torn up. The intensity & force was Teutonic. Like Can to the 20th power. And the improvised breaks he did with Torn. Supernatural. Improvising genius level stuff. They were laughing after it ended. They know. Take it all in, boys. This is life itself. Seeing the great man with THAT quartet. Up close & personal. Seeing the Grandaddy of them all. Herr Brotzmann. This is not to be taken lightly. I treasure the group of live concerts I’ve been blessed to be able see him play. There will never be another like him.
  5. Son of Goldfinger Lowlands in Brooklyn Tim Berne, David Torn & Ches Smith
  6. Saw the group live I think right when they recorded this. I also liked it just fine.
  7. My friend saw him last Spring with Ballister in Philadelphia and said he was very good. I saw Ballister with Joe McPhee a few days earlier and McPhee (82 at that time) played like he was 35. Fwiw Ballister is Dave Rempis with the *great* Fred Lonberg-Holm & Paal Nilsson-Love. Pure fire.
  8. Why I’m paying silly $$$ for Wilco on 4/1 for front row loge center @ Capital Theatre. Not that Tweedy is doing poorly or anything. I never saw Sonic Youth either as I simply didn’t go to any rock shows from ~1993 until 2017 when I started seeing Grateful Dead related shows. Seeing Phil Lesh on 3/19 / he’s 83 on 3/15. Gotta live life. Going to Shift on 2/3 to see Marshall Allen NYC all-stars. Not 100% sure if the 98 year old legend is playing but it’s a great line-up. Life is for the Living. Rhyme, baby
  9. RIP sir never got to see them live My favorite is the 1991 reunion album which had no impact which was a statement on the “music industry” of then & now too young and a shame he apparently never decided to professionally record any of the concerts of the past decades. I never understood his reticence to record more Television material nor any of the reportedly great shows which included lots of improvisation and energy. I’ve heard so often how these shows could be transcendent.
  10. I’ve seen her at least a couple dozen times. Best place is always live try “Hotel Grief” on Intakt Tom Rainey trio with Mary & Ingrid Laubrock incredible yet short set tonight. Mary was great but Mat Maneri is from a different planet.
  11. Tonight at The New School 8:30 set / decided to go and I’ll shortly be at the front of the line to experience the best of what this sort of unexplainable and without category music has to offer. But we will see. It’s so without a net and without standard form that who the hell knows until it happens!!! Ches Smith Trio plus Mary Halvorson Ches on drums, vibraphone (and compositions) Craig Taborn on piano Mat Maneri on viola The trio alone when peaking is the best and most original group/band I’ve seen over the last 12-14 years of going to live music in NYC and surrounding areas. Very excited to see them again and very intrigued as to what the addition of the wonderful Mary Halvorson will do to the music. Tomorrow still on schedule for the above quartet.
  12. Next Thursday night Ches Smith leading a quartet with James Brandon Lewis, Nate Wooley, Shahzad Ismaily (new to me / on bass/electronics. Ches on drums plus his awesome laptop stuff that I saw him do with William Winant & Ava Mendoza in December. due to still having a job I’ll probably miss Ches with Taborn, Mat Maneri & Mary Halvorson added to the trio. That show is on Wednesday. I’ll probably also go Saturday night which is the Thursday quartet augmented by a violinist & violist I don’t know, Oscar Noriega and a woman musician I don’t know on vocals/electronics. For those who don’t know, Ches Smith is a brilliant idea person and as great as Rainey & Taylor on drums albeit a far different sort of drummer. Maybe more power. I have not seen Wooley since 2019 or maybe even 2018. Been way too long. It’s SO amazing to be back seeing the greatest improvisers playing live
  13. See my comments if interested on the Live music forum for Tim Berne & Ingrid Laubrock on the shows I attended last night 1/14☺️
  14. Last night 2 shows @ Barbes in Brooklyn 6:00 show Tim Berne on alto playing his compositions Oscar Noriega on b-flat clarinet Mat Maneri on viola Gregg Belisle-chi on guitar Jeff Davis on drums 50 minutes or so started tentative. Incredible shit followed. Davis is very good and powerful yet a tad loud. Young guitarist was brilliant. Noriega mostly under the radar as is his wont / but then he played a solo that teetered near the greatest clarinet improvisation I’ve ever heard. Berne sounded better than ever and Mat again stayed often in service of the music until the last 15-20 minutes when he first took a real solo within the music and for the hundredth time in my life totally destroyed my brain. By this point his riffing and comping was on a level unknown to any violinist or violist that plays improvised music. Best Berne set I’ve experienced then a drive to The Stone at The New School even though I’ve never been emotionally attached to this venue as it’s not really “The Stone” that was the hole in the wall venue off Houston street that opened in 2005 when Tonic closed. That being said pretty damn emotional being there for the first time since before the Pandemic. Ingrid Laubrock leading a quartet playing tenor & soprano saxophones James Brandon Lewis on tenor Chad Taylor & Tom Rainey on dual drum kits Yes James Brandon Lewis is the goods / great sound & facility with power to go with it but Ingrid is the better musician. They certainly loved playing with each other. First piece 30-32 minutes with 2 peaks / first 1 occurring towards maybe 15 to 20 minutes was beyond possible. Mind blown. Taylor & Rainey are 2 of the greatest drummers alive and the double tenor/double drums just exploded with massive energy and groove. The end of the piece found Taylor in an almost Uber Sunny Murray like way rat tat rat tat rat tat / think of Vibrations / OMG second 15-20 improvisation somehow was maybe better finding a somewhat South African like vibe and groove with Rainey in submission to great Taylor grooves. Here Lewis was at his best. Extraordinary performance all around. Even Tom Rainey was smiling. Killing it. Why I go to shows
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