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  1. On being a fan

    My older Grandson, Lawrence, just coming up to 18, is a big fan of Marilyn Manson. Manson has done 2 gigs in Britain recently, split by a tour of Europe. Lawrence went to the one in London a few weeks ago and enjoyed it greatly. Last week it was Birmingham. My wife and I heard from our daughter that Lawrence thought it was 'the greatest gig ever'. Smiles. But when they all came over for lunch on Sunday, we heard the story. My daughter dropped Lawrence off at the gig, quite early. He met a girl there; a 19 year old student at Birmingham University (and has now decided that Birmingham would be a good university for him to go to to study maths ). Her friends, for some reason, hadn't turned up so she and Lawrence hung out together and watched the gig. But she and her (absent) friends were on journalism courses, and had press cards; one of the absent friends had an appointment to interview Manson for the university paper. So the girl who WAS there, went backstage after the gig. And Lawrence followed into Manson's dressing room; no one stopped him. So he sat there quietly through the interview while Manson took off his makeup and so on. He was overwhelmed! Nothing like that ever happened to me. Anyone else got stories of being an overwhelmed fan? MG