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  1. Just saw this. HAD to post it! (French edition of a single.) MG
  2. Not even "Cherry" with Milt Jackson, or the concert with Freddie Hubbard? Those aren't the usual CTI kind of record. MG
  3. I like this one better than the first. Frank Haynes, Bill Hardman & Billy Gardner. Who could ask for anything more? (Apart from Columbia hiring better sleeve designers.) Breakfast today with Fela Kuti - Again - Excuse-o - Coconut 1976 Fela Kuti - JJD (Johnny just drop) - Afrodisia 1977 Gwigwi's Band - Kwela - 77 Afro series (the only one in 77's Afro series ) 1967. (Arr & Alto sax; Dudu Pukwana, leader & alto sax; Gwigwi Mrwebi, pno, Chris McGregor - v interesting band but the normal kind of Township stuff I like. Which means this probably isn't a recommendation.) now MJQ at Music Inn vol 1 - Atlantic - 1956 next Lionel Hampton 1951-53 - Chrono Classics MG
  4. This afternoon, a quick detour to Ghana Decca presents ET Mensah & his Tempos Band (issued in) 1958. Apostrophe Man wants to see the designer. Then to Cuba. Orquesta Casino de la Playa - Canta Felo Martinez - Egrem 1964 Orquesta Ritmo Oriental - El ritmo de la Ritmo - Areito 1995 Orquesta Aragon - El son del Pariente - Musicuba No date but the band's 35th anniversary was 1974 And now for something completely different Fats Domino - Fats on |Fire - ABC 1964 Fats was responsible for my taste in music; I heard "I'm in love again" in 1956, when Elvis Presley wasn't even a name to me, and it was the first music I'd ever really liked. MG
  5. I always felt that was nice but somewhat lackadaisical. "If I could' is a bit more alive. MG
  6. Mostly Latin stuff this morning Orquesta Aragon - Baila con Aragon - Areito 1987 Nyboma - Bandona - Syllart 1984 Rene Cabral & Cabo Verde Show - Baijo cu jetu - Syllart 1988 next Celina Gonzalez - Camino y ven - Areito 1990 MG
  7. MG Breakfast with 4 Stars - 4 super stars - Syllart 1984 4 Stars - 6 hits 6 tubes - Syllart 1987 Big Jay McNeely plays a rhythm & blues concert - Savoy 1948 (LP issued 1955) Next Les Vikings d'Haiti - Apre bal la - 3A Production 1975 MG
  8. This evening Jimmy Ponder - So many stars - Milestone 1984 Illinois Jaquet - The soul explosion - Prestige 1969 next Kenny Burrell - Both feet on the ground - Fantasy 1973 (pity about the sleeve) MG
  9. Well, when Jim posted above, I thought I'd read about working for Fulson before, but had forgotten it this evening. Stan started at the same age as Gator, but didn't have something approaching a hit single. MG
  10. Ah!!! Lord has no mention of Stanley in any of the Fulson recordings. Thank you. Sixteen!!!! MG
  11. Never heard of this one. Looked at Discogs' track list and was struck by Julia Lee's session for Premier. But not "Lotus blossom". what happened there? Mercury forget to buy the master when they bought the other stuff? MG
  12. I was just listening to a Ray Charles compilation of some of his Swingtime material and, when "Kissa me baby" came on I thought - for the first time - what the fuck was Stanley Turrentine doing on the west coast in 1950!!!??? (Apart from making a Swingtime session with Ray Charles, that is.) (Stanley would have been sixteen then...) Anyone know? MG
  13. In bits and pieces, Allan Sutton Directory of American disc record brands and manufacturers 1891-1943 More complete than Rust's old book on the subject, which just stuck to what jazz fans would be interested in. MG
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