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  1. The new issue of the literary periodical Brilliant Corners includes a poem inspired in part by the Night Lights program The Jazz Monk: Thomas Merton. Though it's not available online, the poet (Betsy Sholl, former Poet Laureate of Maine) and publisher/editor Sascha Feinstein have given me permission to share it: "Thomas Merton Experiments with Meditations on Jazz" (Brilliant Corners is always well worth checking out, btw. Poetry, fiction, interviews, and other literary content all related to jazz.)
  2. This week's Night Lights show takes a look at the role that jazz played in the life of spiritual writer and monk Thomas Merton (The Seven Storey Mountain and numerous other books). It includes an interview with jazz musician and Merton friend Dick Sisto, as well as excerpts from recordings that Merton made of himself in his hermitage listening to and commenting on jazz recordings. Organissimo board member and musician Jason Bivins, author of the recent book also talks about the relationship between jazz and religion. The Jazz Monk: Thomas Merton