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  1. Revisiting some Teenage Favorites and came to this one...his soloing here gets more intriguing the closer/longer you listen, both the harmonic decoys and the rhythmic deconstructions spin out with a deep logic instead of spiraling out of some wildly exuberant sillygaggin, but geeeeeeeeeeeezus, listen to the comp behind Desmond, so much space, and movement only when meaningful - and listen to Desmond return the favor justifying all that space that Brubeck leaves, they both pivot off of each other in a really deep, soulful way, if we can equate "soulful" with "deeply and nakedly intimate", and I do. Not everybody looks the same naked, but everybody is naked, definitely. Where/when/etc. but "if" is not a consideration. Intimacy is probably best left to choice, but naked is a fact of life. That first turnaround, the way Brubeck dekes it and then lands on the second 8,whoa...and the way they land on the 5th bar of the bridge..that's just right in all kinds of ways. I've always wondered if Brubeck was expecting a second Desmond chorus and didn't gett one, or if he was jsut taking his time coming back in. Either way, he's had that left hand ahnd thing going almost since the beginning and just lets it keep going. Beautiful if a cover, beautiful if a plan. And a very special hello to Gene Wright (you think it's easy to land right (no pun intended), with the way Brubeck is playing here, no, not easy) & Joe Morello for not getting in the way, which a completely different, deeper, more serious level of engagement than is staying out of the way. Hello gentlemen, hello! I'm really funny with Brubeck/Desmond 4tets, it either pulls me all the way in or shrinks into yada-yada zone, all or nothing. I'm supposed to believe that it's all the same really, but, sorry, if it all was like this, I would so want to have all the records, and I so do not, and believe me, that has not been a casual or unconsidered decision. But this...DAMN.