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The occasionally annual offer of the Christmas BFT

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Back in the early daze of the BFT*, my very first BFT came with a special bonus** Christmas BFT, which got quite a favorable response (especially since the BFT occurred in August***). Since then, I've made the BFT available as a download for those who haven't heard it or lost their copy or want to drive annoying people out of their house for the holidays.

So, with that in mind and since JSngry has specifically said there will be NO HOLIDAY SONGS on his BFT, reply here or shoot me**** a PM and I'll get you taken care of. Guaranteed stress-free***** Christmas****** music.*******


**Not sure how accurate this word is: everyone got one whether they wanted it or not. Thankfully, most everyone wanted it. Or they're good at lying about it.

***I'm lying. It really was December. I just thought it would be a good joke. Apparently, I'm neither good at lying nor coming up with a good joke!

****Not in the literal sense, PLEASE!

*****All except the last song. That one drove a few people nuts. Just warning you.

******To address those who are easily offended, the reason I referred to this as "Christmas" music and not "holiday" music is because "holiday" music implies it could be played for any holiday, and these are all Christmas-specific songs. That said, if you really wanna be radical, I suppose you could play this music at your next Memorial Day gathering, or your 4th of July party, or your Boxing Day suarez. All I ask is that you take pictures of the resulting bloodshed. :)

*******There's nothing significant. I'm just having fun with footnotes.

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