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  1. My wife and I love her. We caught her show at the Majestic last year and it was hilarious.
  2. Another Peanuts soundtrack is being released and I am all in for it! AFAIC, they could release every single cue from the animated specials and I'd buy every one of them! Of the non-jazz titles, I'm seriously looking forward to The Birds, The Bees, The Monkees in mono and the Neil Young. I can't remember a previous time a RSD not only broke me, but also caused me to want to wait in line before the store opens!
  3. Yes please, I'll take the link. Sorry you're getting screwed over, Thom.
  4. Yes yes, the man's sound was definitely unmistakable!
  5. The strangest thing happened the other day (interestingly it happened the same day the Org board was down): this was available for streaming on YouTube Music but it only lasted for a day because it's gone now. I'm not sure how or why it happened. I'm just glad I was able to listen to it for the brief time it was available. I don't know what magic Joe Harley & Co worked on these tapes but these performances sounded phenomenal! Almost like you were there at the Vanguard! I can only imagine how good this is going to sound on the actual LP or CD (I'm planning on getting the LP). I was on the fence about this release prior to hearing this what must now be called a "sneak preview." Having heard it now is like hearing it for the first time with clean ears. Prior to this, this album had never made an impression on me; the other day, I couldn't stop listening. It all clicked tremendously! So yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to this release now!
  6. Correct on the ID! I wish I could tell you that was exactly why I chose this track because I love that explanation. In fact, let's just pretend that was my reason. 😊 As it turns out, this was just a happy accident: awhile back I was trying to build a discogs cart to the seller's minimum order and this was listed for very cheap. I like the 3 Sounds and I like how much fun those Limelight record covers are. Ended up enjoying the record more than I expected simply because I wasn't expecting a big-band record. A very enjoyable record. I'm happy to admit when you announced this BFT, selecting something from this album was a no-brainer as a simple tribute to the former Gene Harris Fanatic. I kinda figured you had this record, but this felt obscure enough to fool everyone else.
  7. I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear me gas about my own track. @Dan Gould oh I dig this groove! And this arrangement! I have no idea who this is but I can't wait to find out! @danasgoodstuff Again, no clue but I'm really digging it! @Dub Modal early Bird? I could listen to this sound for hours! @Eric this has a "jazz workshop" kind of feel to me, a kind of composed organized chaos. Take that for whatever it's worth: I rarely know what I'm talking about. @mjazzg Really digging the groove here and can't wait to find out who this is! @randyhersom To the moon, Alice!!! Good stuff! @Rooster_Ties I'm digging the electric piano. A little too long for me but it has enough magic moments to keep me interested. @sidewinder Good stuff. I like how the bass swirls at the end! @webbcity I was gonna suggest Freddie Hubbard on Atlantic but the recording sounds too recent. I dig the groove and I also like it that, since the track order defaulted to the alphabetical arrangement of each Board member's name, this track ends up being the closing track because it sounds like a closing track! Well, that was thoroughly uneducated and misinformed on my part. 😄 I really enjoyed how all-over-the-place this was!
  8. Here's a YouTube link to the Stop Driving Us Crazy video. It's pretty trippy and the soundtrack is very groovy! Nice BFT, Dan! I'm glad to know that I own none of these recordings, which means I wasn't remembering anything at home and my memory isn't as bad as I think. I think. In any event, some choice cuts to chase after for sure! 👍
  9. I miss those online listening/insult parties. Those were a blast.
  10. Now we know which Cows team showed up today: neither. Even Captain Bligh didn't suffer this kind of mutiny...
  11. Just sent mine. Hope it's not too offensive. I promise it's not Percy Faith (even though the temptation was there) 😁
  12. Funny thing: this was issued on CD not more than a year after this thread was first started.
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