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  1. I gotta say: this thread depressed me. Started off quirky and then went downhill. If you're reading this, somehow the thread is opened again. If you're not reading this, then this is a moot point. Just makes me glad the Politics page is no longer in existence here.
  2. Blind Man, Blind Man - Herbie Hancock (My Point of View)
  3. I received the following in an email from Scott at Mosaic today: We had an enormous run on this set and it looks like your order is part of a second batch which will be leaving in close to 2 weeks. We apologize for the delay and if I get more info for you I’ll let you know. I don't know about you guys, but I love it that there was such a phenomenal demand for this set. Has this happened previously?
  4. NBB is my favorite Byrds album. Every song is perfect as it is and I can't imagine the playing order being any different. That said, I'm intrigued by your re-imagining. Count me as one of those who loathes "Triad" (a song that said as much about Crosby as a human as anything else he's said since) but I'm curious to see how it sounds in your context. I agree "Lady Friend" is sadly overlooked and one of Crosby's best songs (in the same way, I wish they'd included his "It Happens Each Day" on the original Younger Than Yesterday and put it in place of "Why"). It would've been a fantastic way to kick off side 2 and lead right into "Change is Now."
  5. Mine is on its way and John's review has me even more excited to receive it!
  6. 1. No idea. I like it though. Sounds recent, but then again technology being what it is, recent could mean "within the last 30 years." Freddie Hubbard? 2. Ahhh this sounds like the kinda groove I used to go mad about around these parts back in the day. Melvin Sparks on guitar? 3. Like Someone in Love. I like this arrangement and am eager to find out who this is. 4. No idea again. I like that it sounds similar to track 3. 5. God Bless the Child, and God bless the arranger. I love this and I could swear I've heard this before. 6. The more I listen to this the less I like it. Sounds like the LCJO trying to play Monk as N'awlins gumbo gutbucket wat-doo-diddy-wat-wat etc. Somewhere Ken Burns is firing up his camera to document this. The ending of this is just embarrassing and takes way too long to finish. 7. Sounds like a tribute to the Coltrane Quartet. I particularly like this because the bassist plays like Steve Davis from that group, holding down the groove while everyone around him goes exploring. Those Atlantic Coltrane Quartet recordings are my favorite era of Trane! 8. The singer sounds like Joe Williams. Maybe it is Joe Williams. Whoever it is, I like it! 9. See answer to track 1. Except I couldn't tell you who the trumpeter is. And if it's Freddie Hubbard, I'm gonna go away for another ten years! 10. The tune is familiar but the players aren't, not to these ears anyway. Sounds like everyone's having a good time, though! 11. No idea, but I like it and it reminds me again why I love trumpet-led quartet sessions! Overall I enjoyed this BFT (aside from track 6) and am looking forward to the answers!
  7. Gave it a quick spin to see if there was anything I could immediately identify and learned that I still don't know squat about jazz. Will give it a more concentrated listen and see if I can give any guesses, educated or otherwise.
  8. Can I have April? It's been almost 10 years, hopefully there's something interesting in the collection worth sharing!
  9. My copy is pre-ordered. I'm very excited about this! I love this era, the format, the jams, the players, and the excitement. Been waiting for this since the 40's box was issued.
  10. Kinda surprised I didn't recognize Teena Marie. Not that I'm an expert, but I always thought she had a very distinctive voice.
  11. #2 is George Benson in all his CTI glory. Track 2 here #4 is Stanley Turrentine & Deodato also in all their CTI glory on a track originally released on an otherwise vocal album that I consider the high-point of this lovely singer's oeuvre (always wanted to use that word in a sentence) Track 8 here but also a bonus track here if Ms. Gilberto is not your cuppa tea (what's wrong with you anyway?) #5 boy, he has one of the most distinctive voices in the history of recorded music. No idea the album and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I love his Christmas album with Percy Faith, you know the one, it still gets played to death on the Christmas stations every year, which is still better than 90% of the other stuff that gets played this time of year. #6 no idea but I like the groove! #8 no idea but I MUST find out!!! And I promise I'm not ignoring your PM!
  12. I have that album and it's the best album Fleetwood Mac never released under that moniker. From 1975 on, the bulk of my favorite Fleetwood Mac songs were written by her. I know 79 is a long time but still, gonna miss her.
  13. Looks interesting. Are you able to play your music from the cloud or do you have to download the music to your device?
  14. Prizes arrived today and what a treasure trove!!! DIZZY GILLESPIE QUINTET: Legends Live (CD) I love Diz's quintet recordings and am excited to give this a spin! THELONIOUS MONK WITH JOHN COLTRANE: The Complete Riverside Recordings (CD) Tickled to add this to the collection. I have the K2 remasters of Monk's Music and Thelonious Monk with John Coltrane, both of which are in glorious mono. It's nice to have the stereo masters to go with them! BRUCE WEBER: The Film Collection (DVD) Four films, including Let's Get Lost which I've never seen and can't wait to watch! BIRD (DVD) I've never seen this. This one I hope to watch with my dad! THE B SIDE: The Death of Tin Pan Alley and the Rebirth of the Great American Song (Book) This right here is the piece de resistance for me! I didn't even know this book existed until today and I am VERY excited to read it! Thanks again Russ! Already looking forward to next season! 👍
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