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Hardly "obsessive," but Trane and I are birthday buddies, so I just spent the weekend re-communing with his music (along with some Springsteen and Ray Charles on the side - also 9/23 dudes). Listened to a range:

  • Some first Miles Quintet - Relaxin' and Cookin'
  • Miles again, Kind of Blue
  • Coltrane, Plays the Blues
  • Coltrane,  Africa Brass
  • Coltrane, Meditations
  • Coltrane, Ascension

I found myself absorbed in it all, but I was surprised by how much I was enthralled by the later albums I spun - Meditations and Ascension. I've listened to them and admired them a number of times off and on, but somehow they just now clicked for me in a different and more complete way. Time now to revisit some later, stellar spaces, perhaps.



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Somehow the album that I might spin most, when I wanna hear some later period Coltrane is "At the Village Vaguard AGAIN ! " with both Trane and Pharoah and Alice and Rashied Ali. Somehow that´s the album that appeals most to me from that period, it has a kind of balance in it, the kind of 60´s New Thing I like most, this and some Ornette Stuff from that period "Crisis" and "Ornette at 12".......

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