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  1. The trouble I have is that I had ordered it as a Kindle Book when it came out, I bought that Kindle thing only for this book, I managed to read it, but later I heard theres a paper edition too, but I didn´t buy it, since I thought eventually I re-read passages of the Kindle, but I just can´t stand reading a book if it´s not a paper book .
  2. I also would have choosen Junior Mance trio. Festivals sometimes was a mess. Especially North Sea where so many good artists played at the same time in different halls. I had that experience once in 1985 at Hollabrunn Festival. For the same time there was Jackie McLean sextet in hall A, Lou Donaldson quartet in Hall B, and Pharoah Sanders quartet in Hall C, so I had to split the performances to see all them three.
  3. I discussed that album last year with a fellow musician and said that the only thing I complain is that there is too little work on the left hand. I mean , you must not bang all them keys only because there are 88 keys, but the left hand should do more rhytmically. The tunes are great, but it´s strange "be bop" is played in C minor rather than F minor, and it suffers from the lack of left hand punctations..... Well, across here I don´t remember there was a big George Shearing following among us musicians and music students. It´s possible that a slightly older generation, who liked comfortable "lounge jazz" liked it. I remember one guy who was more into easy listening jazz praised George Shearing, but in my case my only linke to him is two of his compositions that I have in my repertory: I like to play "Lullaby at Birdland" at a brisc tempo in A minor, or in a more medium tempo in F minor, using block chords in the theme and then building up more and more emotion into the chorusses. And I think I´m one of the few guys around here who do "Conception". Actually there is the original Conception in AABA with 12 bars in the A section, and I play it in Db, which some folks consider a difficult key. Others, like a trumpet player I know play the Miles Davis version in C, with the A section as normal, but a different continuing of the tune with that great pedal point in it. Two listening examples: 1) Conception in Db with the original AABA form: Bud Powell Piano Interpretations, Verve 1955. 2) Conception as done by Miles on "Miles Davis-Stan Getz at Birdland 1950", and "Miles Davis-Tadd Dameron on "Last Bop Session" also at Birdland 1950....
  4. He was one of the greatest, but it´s tragic that he was kind of an unsung hero. I think he was mostly a musicians musician. But everything he did was fantastic, not to forget his great compositions.
  5. I have Prime Design , Time Design. though I am not really into strings other than double bass, I like the theme, the way it is played first by each voice, and then in the harmolodic quartet sound. The Free passages get very much interesting support from the drums, that´s what I like, I always listen based on the drummer´s work. And the ending is also great. The Theme is the same like the "New York" on Ornette at 12.
  6. That´s it. Exactly those two albums are my Wayne Shorter Favourites. I might also add "Schizofrenia" as this was my entry into the music of Wayne when I was a teenie. I don´t have it but as much as I remember it was very late in his live, about 1987. Chet became better and better in the 80´s. I never listened to the albums of the Westcoast and didn´t even know who is Chet until there was an article about him in Jazzpodium in 1978. I saw him the last time late in 1987 and it was the best Chet I ever heard.
  7. This is the only Verve LP of Bird that I really can enjoy, since Norman Granz didn´t interfere with the personnel, it´s a vintage quintet of Bird, very good sound and very fine music. On the others....well "Strings" is not really my thing. The "Bird ´n Diz" , though it has Monk, is also a disappointment with Buddy Rich on drums and the lack of really rehearsed material, the "Perennial" has this Tommy Turk destroying the quintet, the "South of the Border" is somehow....tra la la, and "Cole Porter" is a weak and tired Bird......,
  8. I only heard the "Opening at Caravane of Dreams" one time. Is it out on CD also ? I´ve only heard "Opening at Caravan of Dreams" back then in the 80´s at a friend´s place and it was great. Is it available on CD? I remember there was a lot of fantastic stuff on it, maybe the best Prime Time I ever had heard. There was also one tune where Ornette quoted a Parker theme, maybe "Au Privave" or something like that. And I liked the last track, where he plays violin also. I had that impression that his violin abilities had grown very much since 1965 when he first appeared with it. He almost sounds like a free jazz version of Grapelli. The violin is not my really choice as a jazz instrument, I had known it more as a gipsy instrument, but here it is great.
  9. Yes, that´s some great Brew Moore at his best. Personally I would have preferred another pianist, who has more "melody", it would have fitted more to Brew´s slightly Lestorian style. Let´s say someone like Kenny Drew. Bass and drums very good, Benny Nielsen died too early, William Schiöpffe was a bit older than the others, a very fine drummer who also worked with Bud Powell.
  10. Yeah man ! It´s a wonderful album. I´m lookin´ forward playing with Allan Praskin again in the near future. He is the master ! From the album, I would have liked to hear the last track "There is no one" much longer, cause that´s the thing, really up tempo, based on "It´s You or No One", I love to play such rapid tunes.
  11. Gheorghe

    Ben Webster

    I have a Black Lion Ben Webster album with Kenny Drew on piano, which is very very nice.
  12. I once bought a CD titled "Bean´n the Boys" since I love that tune and play it often but there is a lot of young guys who don´t "have" the changes of "Lover Come Back To Me" in their head or were not taught them. The version I have, but I think I spinned it only once, also has "Eddie Costa" on piano. I never had heard his name, it seems he was not very much mentioned here in Europe. I have another Hawk LP with Tommy Flanagan, well that´s of course a piano player I know and apreciate very much. But Hawk really was lightyears ahead of his generation. And that "Bean´n the Boys" is a first class vehicle, nice key in Ab, supposed to be played at a brisc tempo, wonderful with the rite musicians who know it.....
  13. I love to listen to it if I´m really exhausted and need some unpretencious swinging stuff. It´s nothing were you can learn very much from, but it swings and has a happy jam with Cannonball and Dex also. The Rhythm section is funny, the bop veteran Klook with Hampton Haws on Fenderpiano and Bob Cranshaw on fenderbass. It annoyed a lot of acoustic purists, but it was part of the time, there were so much Fender-Rhodes and Fenderbass even for straight ahead jazz. Cranshaw played a lot of Fender with Rollins too, but IMHO he never was an electric bassist, he just played "acoustic" style on Fender. If I hear Fender I prefer musicians who really USE those instruments, not just play it as a replacement for an acoustic instrument. But good Idea, I´ll spin it eventually, only my time is scarce and I listen more to stuff I can "study" if I don´t play myself.....
  14. Yes, Roman had lived in Germany , I think after his tenur with the VAO, and then returned to Elveția . For that occasion he composed a tune, it´s a waltz with many many changes, and it´s titled "Some Changes to Make". He played it tuesday night. Really some tricky changes, I must admit I wouldn´t be able to check that "ad hoc" without studying the changes before a gig. When I had the occasion to play for him in a 3-Tenors Unit this summer it was only standard tunes, so it was easy. I love what he plays so much, he and austrian tenorist Thomas Kugi are among my favourites here in Viena.
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